Monday, March 31, 2008

Answers to an interesting letter.

Thanks for your considered reply. Your questions are all sensible and I will do my best to answer them all.

Why wouldn't you want to part with your base supply? Wouldn't they be identical according to the rules of homeopathy?

If I gave my bottle away then what about the next person who may need a pill. It costs about 6 dollars a bottle and about 75 cents to use blanks. Cost effective and I am lazy and poor and so do not want to either go out or pay for foolish behaviour.

I understand that you genuinely believe seeing people feeling better, but insn't it safe to say, youre not sure how the remedies work, or more importantly, if they're even involved?

I can tell you just like the high from the first time I ever had grass that the sensations in my painful hand once I took one pill were awesome. Over a couple of days. At first sharp pains in knuckles never before painful (like the advance forces were being defeated)
and then slowly all the pains subsided and then the one frozen knuckle on my baby finger started to move correctly. I could go on about the next 10 years and even now so personally I am sure.
I can tell you about the guy who took a pill for horrible allergy in the summer, his nose running, his eyes sore and red and his nostrils on fire. He took the pill turned away and then turned back. He said."Could this work that fast?" I said. "You tell me. You took the pill." He shook his head and smiled. Or the 10 in the evening call when my designer of 7 years and old friend Morley Markson called me up. "John that stuff really works!!! That pill you gave me this afternoon is still working and my cold is going away. In truth I knew something had changed the moment I took the pill but it was unspoken and somehow I could not define it in words."
I can tell you stories about people who used it successfully on their dog when they were afraid of thunder. I am sure they work and I am sure they are involved. You can tell me what a drug will do to its immediate point like effect x chemical which seems to stop y from happening. But else is x doing and is stopping y best for healing and strengthening the patient. Remember that every thing people take from me has no side effect. The explanation I like best is the idea of a hhuge spectrum of notes into infinity and some get out of line and each has a vibration and homeopathy will pass through if its vibration is represented in the spectrum and if it is missing it comes and stays and completes the perfect total vibration: The Human.

If the remedies work, then the process that makes them would also cause the empty pills to be contaminated by pill dust from other mixtures in the air no?

I think this is a matter of clean labs and appropriate cleaning first of all just the same as a pharmaceutical who will use one machine for different jobs or a printer for that matter. The machine goes to zero before it is reused for the reasons you point out. Now for me who will make pills you could be right although I have not had any mixed messages in the pills I have made for others.

Why do have such a strong inclination against the power of suggestion and placebo? There are many more powerful effects that just placebo when testing an effect. Subjective bias creeps up in even the most well controlled experiment.

My homeopath would agree with you to a degree. He would say it is also in the giver and he would not be beyond using a placebo if the remedy he gave last had not worked yet and then he would wait longer before giving another real pill. It is a complex art well beyond my abilities. So yes I know I may have effect but I back away from that idea for all the reasons of ego and confidence that I had no person influencing my first experiences so both ideas are true but both also not necessary. I can say the same for medicines given by a doctor. For it rests on the giver too. We are subtle auras in the end.

Let me ask you this.. Hypothetically speaking, what type of evidence would you personally need to collect to convince yourselt that homeopathy is an illusion, based on placebo and personal bias?

I am not sure you could. I have thousands of people world wide using my kits. Thousands. And there are millions of people being helped every day for both acute and chronic ailments. If you read at all or have had my experiences you would understand. I have given guys pills telling them to shut up and stop ranting about whether it worked or not on a finger slammed in a door. Three times he told me "I don't believe in that shit. I'm a stunt man and I know this will hurt for a couple of hours and turn blue and I will cut a slit in my nail and let the blood out and in three weeks I will have a new nail. Now F.O. Not once but three times in about 20 minutes but I persisted each time. When I saw him an hour later and I asked how his finger was he said. "I don't believe that shit!!! Which finger?" I had to search the hand to find a tiny mark under one nail and he said I was right and if he were here he would tell you he carries arnica with him all the time now for bangs and sprains etc. Physical injury and stunt men get it a lot. I have seen and I have helped even Burt Reynolds. He gave me a book at the end of the film for helping him. I am actually an awesome healer. But it is the pills that heal. I am sure of that. So tell me how you could change my mind. Solid evidence until I could not deny it.

You can ask the same of me in reverse. I think I could come up with a pretty specific requirement for accepting or rejecting its usefulness.

I know your requirements for accepting, what are you requirements for rejecting it?

Buy a Pocket Pack and put it to use for one month. For you and your friends. One month. The only requirement is to read the remedy profiles in the pamphlet and when you hear a symptom word then use the kit. Try it honestly for I am sure. If after an honest month and you can keep a little book on it if you will. If you have no success or poor success then I will refund you the money and you can keep the pack and I will know your reasons for rejecting it for you will be obliged to tell me.

I hope I have answered your questions to some satisfaction. It is not easy to articulate what you know without words. We all of us lose our freedom in being attached so hard to our concrete selves. It suits the corporations if we are but it does not serve our inner selves nearly so well. But that is another conversation about society and our loss of community etc.