Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dangerous superbug taking off in Canada

This is a terrible reality that all countries are facing. It is even a bigger problem in the USA. The problem with this bug is that it resists antibiotics. It came out of the hospitals where it came into reality through excessive use of antibiotics and now is in the public. As you read the article you will see that my kit can help combat the bugs effects. The Calendula cream #10and the Mystic Air #12 are two of the remedies that may help. Read the article and become aware of the problems and perhaps homeopathy can help in the solutions.

When I read the Times it illuminates

I read this article in the paper this morning and it speaks volumes about the problems with our medicines today.
Have a look.

It has some articles about side effects too. One of the horror stories about our so called testing periods for modern drugs is that the test time should be in many years not months. Most of the remedies in my kit have been used for more than 100 years and my use of them is for the same reasons that they were tested for. As "Like Treats Like" the way they find Homeopathic remedies and what they are good for is to give modestly large doses to test patients and catalogue how they respond to them. So that given large doses of coffee brings a hightened level of brain activity. So coffea the homeopathic remedy in my kit is for the overactive mind. Simple and straight forward and used for this for many, many years.

Monday, June 19, 2006

A Golf Story

David Marsh came to town this week end. He is working in St. John New Brunswick for the next few months. He does sophisticated computer programming. We intended to meet Saturday morning at 8.30. I went to his apartment overlooking the Toronto harbour and Island. He was not there. I left a kit at the front desk and wondered what had happened. It was a beautiful day and the drive down and the street car ride home were welcome.
About 11.00 I get a call. "I slept in. I didn't hear you knock. I was up too late partying with my friends. We are going to play golf at 1.00. I'll come by your house to say hello." I replied, "The kit is downstairs at the conceirge. Take #8 for your hang over".
At about 1.00 he appeared at the front door with his friend. Indeed they had all taken the Colobrina #8 and they were all amazed how good they felt. They were all smiles and laughter. His friend bought a kit. I suggested they all put a few drops of Tromos in their water bottles and see if helped them have a relaxed game went and send me the results. Here is what I got from Dave this morning.

We had a great game of golf and didn't even need to take the Tromo because
we were all so relaxed and laughed so much that we didn't need it! It was
the best round of golf I've played in awhile!

Colobrina is great for too much. I know Dave has a great wonderful energy and has close friends and the parties go on until the wee hours as they catch up with each other's busy lives. Too much and hung over the next day. But Too Much is the guiding symptom. So whenever you have had enough whether its too much computer work or too much headache or even too much cold then try it. One pill is all. Read the booklet on my site. It is a wonderful remedy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What does Homeopathy and the Hollywood Survival Kit offer you?

Every once in a while I like to remind myself about what I am doing, and why I am doing it, and what am I doing it with.

I came to Homeopathy over a number of years of occasional use. It slowly crept into my consciousness until it absolutely awed me when it brought my arthritis under control. It took about 10 years of using Homeopathic remedies and the Bach Flower remedies on the film sets, where I work as an Assistant Director, to convince me I wanted to reintroduce this way of healing to the general public where it was front and centre at the turn of the 20th century (1900).

Thus the Hollywood Survival Kit is created for the general public. If you can read you can use it. If you can feel, you can note the symptom you are feeling, and get a remedy to allay it with ease and speed. It's safe for babies and for the elderly. it has no side effects and it does not interfere with prescription drugs.

The kit deals with a wide range of symptoms - the remedies are proven effective through successful use since C1850, and through my personal experiences for 15 years - the remedies speed the healing process - the remedies in the kit have no side effects - the index system is excellent - it is clear and simple to select the right remedy - it has an accompanying guide book that is educational, instructional, includes both a formal understanding of each remedy and also some of my own experiences - written in plain English - the remedies come in a sturdy plastic case that is easy to carry.

From a buyers standpoint - the kit has an attractive price point - great for people who want to try something different regarding acute health care and want a simple way to discover and test remedies for themselves, at work, at play anywhere.

It is a unique, helpful and lasting gift for yourself or for others. The Kit will be appreciated and the remedies successful or I will give you your money back.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

A letter worth receiving

Hello John,

I was given the wonderful gift of your kit by friends of mine in Toronto. I
noticed theirs when I was visiting and thought it was fabulous. I had
intended to buy one - but then it was given to me instead. I have enjoyed
using it and feel it has kept me healthy this year and most aches and pains
at bay. I'm in awe, as I type this, of the huge bruise I got today virtually
disappearing before my eyes with the arnica gel!

I have been perusing your website and I'm glad to see I can order online -
I know what everyone is getting for their birthday this year.

Judi Patson
even DESIGN inc.
+1 (604) 732-7248

it is nice to see the kit appreciated. The #7 remedy Ledum is also great for heavy bruises. It is ofen used in conjunction with Arnica gel and globules where the bruising is bad and ice has been used to take down the swelling. I have it in my kit because this and its use for bad sprains, insect (bee stings, spider bites, mosquito bites) and animal bites.

Have a look at Judi's web site and see some lovely jewelry.

Another NY Times article about antibiotic testing

If we spent 1/10th the amount of money on testing Homeopathic remedies for these same symptoms, the FDA would give us great reports, and the best would be that there are no side effects in any of the remedies given. I am amazed that the American people are so brainwashed and complaisant that they do not demand research into alternative remedies in an effort to find less invasive ways to treat themselves. America is the most drugged country in the world due to the efforts of the Pharmaceutical companies and the compliance of the medical profession. Isn't it time to change this? I think so and all my experiences with Homeopathic remedies confirm my thoughts.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Calendula - A summer helper even in the garden

Today in Toronto it is one of those beautiful sunny days of summer, almost 80 degrees and the air quiet. I was reminded as I passed a bed of marigolds how useful the plant is. Insects do not like the plant and so it is used in vegetable gardens to keep them away. The plant is used to make the homeopathic remedy Calendula. It is antibacterial, soothing and healing. Before Penicillin it was used on battlefields as a dressing for wounds. I have used Calendula cream on set for many years. Not only is it great for scrapes and rough skin; it is also excellent for minor sunburns and burns. It's very soothing and healing for babies diaper rash too. It can help get rid of dish pan hands too. I recommend it highly and it finds a place in the Hollywood Survival Kit as the #10 remedy.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Use of Antipsychotics by the Young Rose Fivefold

New York Times June 6.
Pretty shocking isn't it. But the figures are there. 275 per 100,000 in 1993; 1,438 per 100,000 in 2002. This is a huge difference and the article is clear. i suggest if you have a child in need of help you look at the Bach Flower Remedies and Homeopathy as techniques of healing that do not have side effects and are not addictive.

Monday, June 5, 2006

A Baby Boomer's gift.

I got a cute email today from-
They market to people born from 1946 to 1964, which is the defined period for boomers. So, all you people between 40 and 60, and getting older by the day, belong to this market segment. It is 25% of the buying public. I wonder how many children and grand children are loved and often cared for by boomers. I know I have two sons and 3 grandchildren. I worry about myself getting old in our current medical system. How are my children and their children going to deal with health issues in a more fragile world and government health systems that are inadequate? And then of course, we have the cornucopia of drugs that glut the market with high cost, modest results and often dangerous and debilitating side effects.

For over 15 years I have been using Homeopathy on film sets that are beset with the stress of long hours and detailed work. Accidents, colds, flu, sleeplessness, upsetting moments and nervousness are always just around the corner. Somewhat like any household, where kids go to school and adults have to worry about how to keep it all together. Homeopathy has been a boon to actors as it has no side effects and is fast acting in acute cases. It has meant that a cure can be undertaken and the actor will not lose focus or emotional balance due to side effects. It is cheap, which in this time of rising drug costs, means a whole lot.

I am overjoyed as I watch people pick a remedy and then find it was just what they needed. They are the remedies in my kit: the ones most used on my sets.

I have made the Hollywood Survival kit with the idea that the buyer is not experienced in the use of Homeopathy. The kit is super simple to diagnose with, as it has a numbered symptom index right inside the cover. You can quickly see what number of remedy you need. I have included a guidebook that details every remedy from a practitioner's point of view. It also has actual cases from my own experiences.

I can assure you this kit is a great present if you care about the health of yourself, your children and grandchildren. Homeopathy is a gentle way to wake up your body to heal itself, and once you experience the remedies you will know this is a great way to come to terms with disease and injury. Give the remedies an honest try. I am sure you will be a happy camper. I am confident enough to offer the kit with a money back guarantee.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

A gift well received and used too

The house warming was fun. It rained and so we all spent time inside meetng each other. Dancers and business people and relatives. The prize of the day was the forms the new owners had neatly laid out; questions about the possible directions renovations or improvements could take. Everyone had ideas of how to make the house their own in every way. Flowers here, a new couch there. Hedges in front to replace the wire fence. Walls to come down and new designs for a better kitchen. It was an idea worth passing on.

The dancers eyed the kit and read the booklet. One man there was writing books about steroid use in baseball. A largish lady limped by with a wrenched knee. "I have some Arnica with me." I said and her eyes lit up. I gave her a pill and she put some arnica gel on her knee joint and boy did she smile and make oohing sounds. We talked about different Arnica creams and what to really do to help her knee.

It is interesting to find out that most people know exactly what to do to help themselves but its not always so easy to change a lifestyle habit of any sort. So often I remind myself how hard it is as I struggle with the nicotine habit. I know from one of my earlier blogs that one woman used Tromos (Bach Rescue Remedy) to keep herself emotionally steady as she gave up Praxil. It is possible to make moves like developing proper eating habits and the food we eat, or beginning to exercise, or do yoga, or take long walks to get the body healthier and the mind more at ease. We can all love ourselves more. It is possible. Try it. Enjoy the luxury of feeling better about oneself and life itself.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

A healthy house warming gift!

Today I am going to a house warming. Two sisters, one a dancer and the other an active business person, have bought a house. I have known them since they were tiny. What to get them was actually a shoo-in. After considering a homeopathic remedy book I decided instead to give them a kit of remedies with instructions that would be useful in their house. What could be better than something for colds and flu and hangovers and headaches and sore throats and burns and sprains and bruises and best of all a remedy for calming down and even two for sleeping. The only kit in the world that can do that with quick diagnosing and remedy selection is, the Hollywood Survival Kit. Have a look at it. I can tell you from personal experiences that span over 15 years that the remedies and their uses are valid and that they have no side effects and are speedy in their results. Good for babies and old people too.
What better gift could there be? A first First Aid kit. Remedies that help your body identify and come to terms with the problem at hand. I am always amazed, when I use Homeopathic remedies from my kit, how proactive they are. How quickly the remedies are able to wake up the body to deal with the negative situation, be it mental or physical. Just two days ago I visited a woman who has a son who used to have asthma and now does not, but his lungs are weak as she describes it, and he is prone to colds in the winter time. He used the Echinacea throat spray at the first sign of a cold coming into his lungs and never had a cold last winter. She bought a refill. It is the #11 remedy in the kit. Quite wonderful in its actions.

When you go to your next house warming party think about a unique gift like the Hollywood Survival Kit that will bring you gratitude from your friends for a long time. You can't go wrong.