Saturday, June 3, 2006

A healthy house warming gift!

Today I am going to a house warming. Two sisters, one a dancer and the other an active business person, have bought a house. I have known them since they were tiny. What to get them was actually a shoo-in. After considering a homeopathic remedy book I decided instead to give them a kit of remedies with instructions that would be useful in their house. What could be better than something for colds and flu and hangovers and headaches and sore throats and burns and sprains and bruises and best of all a remedy for calming down and even two for sleeping. The only kit in the world that can do that with quick diagnosing and remedy selection is, the Hollywood Survival Kit. Have a look at it. I can tell you from personal experiences that span over 15 years that the remedies and their uses are valid and that they have no side effects and are speedy in their results. Good for babies and old people too.
What better gift could there be? A first First Aid kit. Remedies that help your body identify and come to terms with the problem at hand. I am always amazed, when I use Homeopathic remedies from my kit, how proactive they are. How quickly the remedies are able to wake up the body to deal with the negative situation, be it mental or physical. Just two days ago I visited a woman who has a son who used to have asthma and now does not, but his lungs are weak as she describes it, and he is prone to colds in the winter time. He used the Echinacea throat spray at the first sign of a cold coming into his lungs and never had a cold last winter. She bought a refill. It is the #11 remedy in the kit. Quite wonderful in its actions.

When you go to your next house warming party think about a unique gift like the Hollywood Survival Kit that will bring you gratitude from your friends for a long time. You can't go wrong.

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