Friday, September 25, 2009

Sir Wiliam Osler to the rescue.

I was in a heated debate with an eminent doctor about Homeopathy and I sent him a quote by Sir William Osler. Here it is.


The doctor's answer was as follows.
"Funny you should quote Osler to me. He was one of Medicine's first scientifically oriented clinicians basing his ideas on observation research and the brilliant pathological studies of Rudolph Virkow.
He knew that homeopathy was bunk and said so along with comments about phrenology etc. ..."

I looked up Sue Young's site The site has histories of all the famous men who used Homeopathy or said something about it. It is surprising the famous people who used and spoke well of Homeopathy. Press search and enjoy... Below is what I found for William Osler to refute the eminent doctor's prejudicial and blind response to my first quote from Osler's book Chauvenism and Medicine 1909

William Osler 1849 – 1919

William Osler, Time Online - “Founder Hahnemann was given his historic due by no less a personage than Sir William Osler. “No individual,” said Dr. Osler, “has done more good to the medical profession than Samuel Hahnemann.”

Harvey Cushing The Life of William Osler P. 171

“His belief that over-treatment with drugs was one of the medical errors of the day has been hinted at, and it was always one of his favorite axioms that no one individual had done more good to the medical profession than Hahnemann, whose therapeutic methods had demonstrated that the natural tendency of diseases was toward recovery, provided that the patient was decently cared for, properly nurses, and not over-dosed.”

Hans J Eysenck on William Osler

“It is more important to know what kind of person has a disease than what kind of disease a person has”

William Osler A Concise History of Medicine

“One notable example is typhoid fever. At the outset of the nineteenth century it was treated with ‘remedies’ of the extremest violence–bleeding and blistering, vomiting and purging, and the administration of antimony and mercury, and plenty of other heroic remedies.

“Now the patient is bathed and nursed and carefully tended, but rarely given medicine. This is the result partly of the remarkable experiments of the Paris and Vienna schools in the action of drugs, which have shaken the stoutest faiths; and partly of the constant and reproachful object lesson of homeopathy.

“No regular physician would ever admit that the homeopathic preparations, ‘infinitesimals,’ could do any good as direct curative agents; and yet it was perfectly certain that homeopaths lost no more of their patients than others. There was but one conclusion to draw– that most drugs had no effect whatever on the diseases for which they were administered.”

William Osler

“It is not as if our homeopathic brothers are asleep; far from it, they are awake (many of them at any rate) to the importance of the scientific study of disease.

“It is distressing that so many good men live isolated in a measure from the great body of the profession. The grievous mistake was ours: to quarrel with our brothers over infinitesimals was a most unwise and stupid thing to do.” and “Our homeopathic brothers pursue very seriously the scientific study of disease.”

William Osler

“Variability is the law of life, and as no two faces are the same, so no two bodies are alike, and no two individuals react alike and behave alike under the abnormal conditions which we know as disease.”�

William Osler

“The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism.”

William Osler

“All scientific truth is conditioned by the state of knowledge at the time of its announcement.”

William Osler

“I fear that we may return to the state of polypharmacy, the emancipation from which has been the sole gift of Hahnemann and his followers….”

William Osler

“But, fortunately for medicine, some hundred and fifty years ago Hahnemann appeared…”

Dr. Osler not only recognized Homeopathy and Hahneman, he recognized the hate that ignorance could generate. I find that this kind of blind hate is still alive; this inordinate resistance to honest investigation.

I also find that there is a growing community who are using and examining Homeopathy and it includes many doctors, scientists, artist and everyday folk. Homeopathy is the medicine of the 21st Century.

Now have to band together to stop Pharmaceuticals from weakening our immune systems and harming our emotions and minds with the medicines they sell that have debilitating side effects.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A worthwhile talk by two doctors re flu and vaccines

So often one gets reports without substantial statistical backup and one is left wondering what is going on with regards to flu and vaccines. Here at last is a measured response that is clear and supported in its findings and its responses.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Living a human aminal's life

I think that we are animals and as such there is a balanced way we can stay alive for our length of time on earth just like any other animal. It should actually require no intervention at all. If all things are balanced in diet and exercise it should go well but our minds alter this. Mind brings stress because of desire;wanting and a million decisions to be made continually. So stress alters the stasis of the human animal; any animal for that matter.

I think the human should go with the body flow and try to find ways to support it.
The least healthy nation in the world is America the bastion of the pharmaceutical industry. Their first nation where altering the bodies functioning through interventions is the norm rather than the rarity.

How sad it is to hear the stories of people my age and younger telling of their medications and the side effects and the changes of dosage and their cost for little or no benefit and certainly none without a negative consequence of some sort.

Is it not a shame? Should we really get old and find ourselves beholden to one medicine after another to stay alive and then at damning cost and only partial relief and debilitating negative parts to what has been given.

A case in point is the 1918 flu and following is a report as to Homeopathic results. They are awesome. This article read on line in Natureal News at-

Was homeopathy successful in treating the flu epidemic of 1918?


While the mortality rate of people treated with traditional medicine and drugs was 30 percent, those treated by homeopathic physicians had mortality rate of 1.05 percent.
Of the fifteen hundred cases reported at the Homeopathic Medical Society of the District of Columbia there were only fifteen deaths. Recoveries in the National Homeopathic Hospital were 100%. In Ohio, of 1,000 cases of influenza, Dr. T. A. McCann, MD, Dayton, Ohio reported NO DEATHS.

What homeopathic remedies were used to successfully treat the Spanish flu in 1918?
Gelsemium and Bryonia
According the Dr. Frank Wieland, MD, in Chicago, "(With) 8,000 workers we had only one death. Gelsemium was practically the only remedy used. We used no aspirin and no vaccines."

Homeopathy was 98% successful in treating the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918?


Ohio reported that 24,000 cases of flu treated allopathically had a mortality rate of 28.2% while 26,000 cases of flu treated homeopathically had a mortality rate of 1.05% . In Connecticut, 6,602 cases were reported, with 55 deaths, less than 1%. Dr. Roberts, a physician on a troop ship during WWI, had 81 cases of flu on the way over to Europe. He reported, "All recovered and were landed. Every man received homeopathic treatment.

How do they know that a virus caused the flu epidemic of 1918, when the first virus was not isolated until 1933?

They don`t. In fact, many believe that the epidemic was actually a vaccine reaction.
When Army vaccinations became compulsory in 1911, the death rate from typhoid vaccination rose to the highest point in the history of the US Army. US Secretary of War Henry L Stimson reported that seven men dropped dead after being vaccinated. He also reported 63 deaths and 28,585 cases of hepatitis as a direct result of yellow fever vaccination during only six months of WW1. According to a report in the Irish Examiner, "The report of the Surgeon-General of the US Army shows that during 1917 there were admitted into the army hospitals 19,608 men suffering from anti-typhoid inoculation and vaccinia. When army doctors tried to suppress the symptoms of typhoid with a stronger vaccine, it caused a worse form of typhoid paratyphoid. But when they concocted an even stronger vaccine to suppress that one, they created an even worse disease Spanish flu."

Did the flu strain that caused the 1918 flu ever return?


The 1918 `Spanish Flu` was first reported in an American military, Camp Funston, Fort Riley, in troops preparing for WW1 and receiving 25 vaccinations. According to the CDC, the same flu strain appeared only one other time: in 1976. This was again at a US army base, Fort Dix, and again, was seen in recently vaccinated troops, and only in them. The virus has not appeared anywhere else.

Is homeopathy successful in treating the modern flu?


What can I do to prevent the flu?

Good food, clean living, rest and exercise are the basic ingredients.

There are certain nutrients that have been shown to help enhance the immune system, such as echinacea, vitamins C, E and beta carotene, zinc, and elderberries.


Friday, September 4, 2009

A Friday thought about corporations

I posted this on a discussion on the American Health Care debate on Growing Bolder.

In the world today the Corporations are the rulers. With massive profits they can spend what is necessary through lobbies, the media and through private inducements; enough money to control not only Governments but through its fear campaigns the people of the world.

To rise above this horrendous and constant control is something that will take the People to do. We are really in a different kind of war right now that does not take weapons but takes grassroots upheaval to resist being controlled in this way.

Without the huge financial resources of our enemy we can only hope that forums like this and the open networks on the Web will be our way to gather strength to fight this enemy. We do this by learning there are simpler ways of being and that new cars and more chattels do not make happier people.

Live simply and with thought and watch how we will change not only ourselves but the world about us.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Listen and learn Vaccines and Aluminum toxicity

Presentation by David Ayoub, MD, a radiologist from Springfield, Illinois. From the 65th Annual Meeting of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, September 12, 2008.

The speech is often beyond me because of its medical data but the conclusions are clear over and over again even to the medically uneducated.

Every parent should listen to this as should every doctor who participates in the wellbeing of their patients. Grandfathers too!!!
We should be having a fear campaign regarding the danger of vaccines to match the WHO Flu scare .

Yet flu vaccine is just one peanut the vaccine bag people are presently subjected to in life. The growing generation of children is on a dangerous lifepath because of vaccines. It is hard to believe Governments encourage and support vaccines. It is scary!

Homeopathy with none of the vaccine side effects, easy manufacture and minimal cost can handle every condition people are getting vaccines for. Do your reading in Homeopathic experiences and results.