Sunday, January 31, 2010

We and the land are all part of each other and earth the planet

My brother sent this New York times article to me and it was surprising to me to see that it was about Ecopsychology.
The thoughts of us being connected to the earth is more and more being examined to see what we are missing and why many of us are feeling alienated or uncomfortable with where we are as humans. I found lots to think about.

Monday, January 25, 2010

All TRUTH passes through 3 stages:

1st - it is ridiculed
2nd - it is violently opposed
3rd - it is accepted as SELF EVIDENT
Arthur Schopenhauer

Homeopathy will soon be in the 3rd phase.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The 4th World War-The Corporations versus Mankind

This morning I read in the New York TImes and it is news everywhere that the Supreme Court of the United States has overturned the law restricting Corporation spending: that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections. Citing the First Amendment as support for this action it places a corporation in the same category as an individual. America the bastion of freedom and equality has lost a major battle for now Corporations is equated with an individual and can freely wield its money to the side that supports them.

It is a terrible loss for now what has been going on behind our backs but with at least some recourse in law will be openly done with no recourse. This, in the clear evidence that Corporations are not people but businesses with the sole first purpose of earning profit for its owners. How many cases against Corporations are in the courts that are challenging the destruction of the world we live in and the people who live in it?

Starting with the Banks and its rape of ordinary citizens, the Chemical companies that are destroying the earth , the Pharmaceutical that are poisoning the people of the earth, we and the earth are at war to survive. It is not global warming or cooling that is the enemy of our survival but Greed. This began centuries ago, since man has been able to write history we know this, and it is now coming to fruition. Like all religions we are being eaten from inside by Greed for both wealth and power over man.

Greed causes destruction and is firmly set throgh the porfit motive in the Corporation and the Executives who run them; innocent patsies beholden to pieces of paper that they willingly obey: Poisoning the world, themselves and their own children's minds and bodies to satisfy the Corporate weal. The war is in full swing around the world.

We, each and every one of us are the enemy of the corporation and we are being chopped down to manageable no different than the forest in Brazil by unbridled Greed. We are brainwashed to accept our fate as what must be.

We are losing the war right now for even though there are pockets of resistance we are yet to take our destinies back from our enemy the Corporation with its unending money to have its bidding done. So far the Corporation has won every battle by every group to bring sanity back to our lives. The Corporation is amoral and in that it is immoral. It does not judge itself except by its monitary growth and all others measures are of no real interest save to support their prime directive.

It is not enough for individuals to rail, for small groups to rail or even for governments to rail unless we all rail together and deny the Corporation its current place of power by taking away its profits. Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

We have a small group and it is called Mankind and we have a way of talking to each other and joining forces to battle and that is the Internet. We have to be openly subversive until as a mass we crush our enemy. It is a final passive resistance that is the only way to win.

We have to put down our own personal greed and turn a deaf ear to the brainwashing of the Corporations. We have to put down our fears and embrace modesty as a proper way of being and know that sharing will bring us back to family, friends and community. In respecting all we respect ourselves.

Do we have the strength left to fight this final battle? We cannot know unless we gird our loins and take up the cry. The world is one and devided we die.

The Swine Flu vaccine is perhaps the first time people have wond a battle. We have seen massive scare tactics by the Governments, WHO and the Pharmas FAIL because we refused the brainwashing. Many countries, no matter how the "Pandemic" was hyped, found its citizens and its own medical fraternity opting out of what was a planned media campaign. Nature itself was our ally.

We have a chance if we all come together. We can win the 4th World War.

Act Modest, think Bold, do your part help the world come together.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

EU to examine the Swine Flu pandemic - was it created.

Here is a news article by the EU who are probing the possibility that the Swine Flu pandemic was fostered by the Pharmaceutical Industries hold over the WHO. Slowly but surely the people of the world will hear the truth. It is time. Let's hope this probe will not get burried under the weight of Pharma's money to buy silence.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A mother who cares.

This lady, Nonie De Long who I know,has been through several years of fighting to get the proper attention for her son and in the end has prevailed to a good outcome. She realizes fully that the current trend of our doctors with the support of School Boards and Governments is to medicate at the first signs of dysfunction in school children. The case below is a current battle. Read it and if compelled please get in touch with her as to how you can help.

Hello Friends and Fellow Activists,

Happy New Year!

I am sending you a link to a letter from the school board (posted on my blog) which threatens a Toronto family to remove their child from their care if he is not medicated. The child was recently diagnosed ADHD because staff feel he is not complying and performing well in school. The father has adamantly refused pharmaceuticals as a first treatment option and is actively investigating natural treatment options. He questions the ADHD diagnosis. He has been educating himself and has contacted a renowned Toronto physician (Dr. Zoltan Rona) who has turned to natural treatments as his primary prescription. As you may know, my own son was removed from my care when I refused the prescribed pharmaceutical and residential treatment options for his 'mental illness' - a diagnosis that changed because he became so well after I treated him with natural treatments (food elimination and vitamins). I fought and had him returned, but the events traumatized both of us.

You may not know that the American Food and Drug Administration classes Ritalin as a Schedule II substance - the same type of stimulant as cocaine, morphine, and opium, but recognized to be more addictive. The World Health Organization and the U.N. International Control Board have issued two official warnings about the drug and the growing dependence - particularly in America - to it. Some European countries have banned it. Many doctors are now recommending that pharmaceutical treatment for children should not be the first treatment option. Some children die from long term use of Ritalin, and there are a host of other long term side effects. Ritalin and SSRI antidepressants have been linked conclusively to acts of violence in children and teens:

* Shawn Cooper, a 15-year-old sophomore at Notus Junior-Senior High School in Notus, Idaho, fired a shotgun at his fellow students in April. Cooper was on Ritalin.
* Thomas Solomon, a 15-year-old at Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia, shot and wounded six classmates in May. Solomon was on Ritalin.
* Kip Kinkel, a 15-year-old at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon, killed his parents and two classmates and wounded 22 other students last year. Kinkel was on Ritalin and Prozac, an anti-depressant.
* Eric Harris, one of the Columbine High School killers, was on the anti-depressant drug Luvox.
* Rod Matthews, 14, beat a classmate to death with a baseball bat in 1986 in Canton, Massachusetts. Matthews had been on Ritalin since the third grade.

Please go to my blog with the link below and read the article and SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW. I would like to generate some public support for this family. After reading the letter, if you are inclined to support the family with a letter, please direct it to my e mail with your name and address. It should be addressed to the Toronto School Board. I am keeping the family anonymous at this time, but I can tell you this is not a unique situation. Unfortunately, it has become very common. Please reach out to show support for this family and their right to choose the treatment they feel is safest and most effective for their child. You will also be sending a message to the public school system about community intolerance for bullying tactics like these to force parents into treatment options they do not feel safe implementing. If you are unconvinced that Ritalin and mind altering pharmaceuticals are unsafe and indiscriminately used, I would be happy to share my own personal story with you.

Thank you in advance for your support for this important cause!

Go to the blog by clicking here:

Nonie De Long

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big Pharma and Oxycontin abuse

From an article by Steve Hayes of Novus Medical Detox Centre in Florida
They do wonderful work with addicts of all sorts and press the government whenever possible to get dangerous drugs off the market---

We know this about Big Pharma:

* They have a philosophy that they make very clear-"if you want to receive our money then you better not do anything that interferes with our making money".

* They spend millions of dollars a year trying to ensure that their legislative agenda is protected.

* In this year alone, lobbying records show that they have contributed over $7.5 million to Members of Congress.

* They don't care how many are killed or injured as long as they make profits.


OxyContin is oxycodone, legal heroin, that is coated and, if swallowed whole, will release the oxycodone over a six to ten hour period. However, if it is chewed or crushed, then all of the oxycodone is immediately available.

Many of our patients who come to Novus Medical Detox Center to withdraw from heroin started their path to addiction by taking OxyContin and switched to heroin because it was cheaper and the same type of high.


Since OxyContin's release, Purdue has known:

* OxyContin could easily be converted to oxycodone.

* OxyContin was being abused and was causing addictions and deaths.

* OxyContin was largely responsible for creating a new opium epidemic.

* OxyContin being abused just meant more OxyContin sales.

* OxyContin sales, even if to addicts, just meant more profits.


Purdue is surprised, but people are actually starting to get upset about the abuse of OxyContin. Purdue has proposed to the FDA a new formulation that they say is not as easy to abuse.

Typical of Purdue, they "neglected" to see what would happen if you simply put their new OxyContin on a cookie sheet and baked it in the oven for a time. Would it become easily abused oxycodone?

When confronted at the FDA hearing with this allegation by Larry Golbom of Prescription Addiction Radio, Purdue was forced to notify the FDA that they had "forgotten" to test this way of defeating their new formulation.


In 1998, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack was first elected to serve the people of California's 45th District through a special election held to fill the seat left vacant by her late husband, Congressman Sonny Bono. Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack is now married to U.S. Congressman Connie Mack.


Congresswoman Bono Mack has seen the growing problem of prescription drug abuse and addiction among Americans young and old and has been vitally interested in how she can help. She signed the Ban OxyContin petition.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Climate change and what causes it Us or Sun Spots

This is a wonderful article from Scientific America. It has a thoughtful conclusion.

We are living in a scientific world and its people, more and more driven by panic created by the media. If one can raise panic one can do one's own wishes.

It is true we should begin to control ourselves and respect the earth and the privilege we each have in being here. We are part of the earth's fabric.We should pay attention to it as much as we do to ourselves for it is part of ourselves. This comes through love and understanding which in terms come from our parents and leaders and societies.

We only seem to get the message by panic first and instead of actually really paying attention we are responding with knee jerk reactions. instead of measured work on curbing our desires and expectations and supporting our innate knowledge that little is needed to live and enjoy and fulfill. There is enough for all if GREED is not the credo.

2010 Magic Numbers

Magic is a personal decision and so 2010 is officially magic in my lexicon of numbers. Sounds good doesn't it. Sort of foolish but then what we cannot know we can believe what we want. I can believe what I want.

Is it truer if more people believe it? Not if we cannot know. And yet the human over the centuries has created his belief systems mostly based on what he cannot know. Vast empires of religions have risen and fallen or lie stagnant waiting for a shriveling up and all are based on what we cannot know.

There is lots than we can know. Humans have the capacity to experience and learn from observation. We can store information and have learned to store it even into electronic space so we can gain experience even without experiencing things directly. Thus over time through experiences we can directly learn and know.

I have been one to learn mostly by experiencing first hand. It is only later in my life that words and what they mean have come more to the fore of my mind. My real experiences in life through film making, healing and teaching get me to this point of real confidence in the reality of what I can know.

What I cannot know is of use as well. As I get older I get both more controlled and wilder in my creativity at every level. I explore my curiosity continually for it challenges me at every turn.

I meditate. It helps me stay in charge of my mind more Slowly the wild child is settling down to perform the more serious work of the person I am. The healer, helper and motivator; the artist, creator and activist.