Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the night before...

Here it is another Christmas about to happen and I am up north in Restoule in winter white and not too cold. It has been a week and a few days of R and R and slowly I am coming up for air and thinking about all the things I want to talk about. But not tonight for it is time to sweep the roof and get ready for Santa.
We are so lucky to be humans and alive to experience our world although it is not easy all the time or pleasant all the time but there are moments of great joy and great awakening and great love.

I wish all a Merry Christmas and hope each is with loved ones and enjoying the festivities of giving and receiving.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

thoughts on Vaccinations.

I found this article in - which is a great source of all information. I am so pleased to recommend it to everyone. Books free to download, massive amounts of information for all people from novice to professional and articles like the one below. Have a read and know this article supports the blog earlier today about the big Pharma advertising which disseminates false information and information that hints at things without proof. We are being bilked by the most sophisticated and devious Snake Oil salesmen in history.

Homeopathy 4 Everyone - Editorial

November, 2008

A Personal Decision

- Alan V. Schmukler

The question of whether to vaccinate is a personal and often difficult decision. One has to weigh the danger of the disease and the chance of contracting it, against the dangers of the vaccine. Neither side in the debate can guarantee 100% protection.

On the one hand, a vaccine might protect you from a disease you were going to get and maybe die of. Benjamin Franklin opposed variolation (smallpox vaccination) and his unvaccinated son died of smallpox. He subsequently changed his mind and expressed regret for his former position.

On the other hand, vaccines have been associated with everything from autism, retardation and immune suppression to death. In the U.S., the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (U.S.) has paid out over a billion dollars to parents of children injured by vaccines. Vaccine manufacturers, while insisting on the safety of their product, have steadfastly demanded immunity from lawsuit.

So how does one make this decision? The answer is, by becoming knowledgeable about all aspects of this debate, including alternatives to vaccination.

Homeopathy has for many years been used to prevent illness (homeoprophylaxis). Hahnemann used Belladonna successfully to prevent scarlet fever. During a smallpox outbreak in Iowa, 1902, the homeopathic remedy Variolinum proved 97% effective in preventing the disease. Thousands of people in Buenos Aires received the remedy Lathyrus sativa during a 1957 polio outbreak. Not a single case of polio developed in those so treated. In 1974, 18,640 children in Brazil were given Meningococcinum to prevent meningococcal meningitis. The protection rate was 97 %.

Homeopath and researcher Isaac Golden has developed protocols for preventing illness with homeopathy (see interview in this edition and links to previous articles). While there is some debate about the mechanism of homeoprophylaxis, it clearly works. Homeopaths also use constitutional treatment as an effective alternative to vaccination. Aside from prevention, childhood diseases like measles can be treated easily and safely with homeopathy, which also helps prevent the sequelae.

Having said all this, there are still many people who don’t know about homeopathy or have any practical access to homeopathic treatment.

The first vaccine was developed by Edward Jenner (1796) who used cowpox to prevent smallpox. Pasteur developed a post- bite inoculation for rabies in 1885. While these first vaccines were rather simple, today’s vaccines contain many excipients that are highly toxic and can cause more harm than the diseases they are intended to prevent. These ingredients include Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Phenol, MSG, Monkey kidney tissue, Chick embryonic fibroblasts etc. (see this month’s cartoon)

The production of vaccines is a multibillion dollar business, where the bottom line of profits often conflicts with the desire to do good. Consider the issue of Thimerosal, the mercury added to preserve shelf life. In the U.S., government hearings determined that it was harmful and forbid it to be added to any future vaccines (after years of doing damage ). However they permitted vaccine manufacturers to continue selling their stockpiled Thimerosal laden vaccines, a supply which some estimate will last over a decade.

In the end, you must make your own informed decision. We hope this month’s commentary and resources will help you do that.

Big Pharma Spends More On Advertising Than Research

I could not help myself but to publish this article for it shows clearly where the Pharmaceuticals spend money and it is to get you to buy their products. It is not about health but about selling and other priorities like denagrating all other forms of healing. America should take pharma ads off Television and force the pharmaceuticals to use the money to promote health and non invasive techniques of healing. It is clear that the way we are going with pharmaceuticals and pesticides and herbicides that soon we will be unable to support the human race for lack of drugs to keep us alive. This is a sad statement but I feel we are coming closer every day to this state of affairs. When will the governments of the world come to realize this. The Pharmaceuticals are doing nothing but making money and destroying our health systems, our hospitals and our lives.

This article was published in AME Science.

Big Pharma Spends More On Advertising Than Research

Tue, Jan 8, 2008

Health, Studies

drug company
A drug company is a commercial business whose focus is to research, develop, market and/or distribute drugs, most commonly in the context of healthcare; from wikipedia. But according to a study by two York University researchers estimates the U.S. pharmaceutical industry spends almost twice as much on promotion as it does on research and development, contrary to the industry’s claim.

But how could this be you might ask yourself. Well the answer is fairly easy; regardless of its purpose of helping people it is a bussiness and thus it has to make money and the way of making money is by advertising more and researching less. The researchers’ estimate is based on the systematic collection of data directly from the industry and doctors during 2004, which shows the U.S. pharmaceutical industry spent 24.4% of the sales dollar on promotion, versus 13.4% for research and development, as a percentage of US domestic sales of US$235.4 billion.

In case you are wondering who made this study well the research is co-authored by PhD candidate Marc-AndrĂ© Gagnon, who led the study and Joel Lexchin, a long-time researcher of pharmaceutical promotion, Toronto physician, and Associate Chair of York’s School of Health Policy & Management in the Faculty of Health.

“In our paper, we make the case for the need for a new estimate of promotional expenditures by the U.S. pharmaceutical industry,” says Gagnon. “We then explain how we used proprietary databases to construct a revised estimate and finally, we compare our results with those from other data sources to argue in favor of changing the priorities of the industry.”

This study is very important as it shows the most accurate image yet of the promotional workings of the pharmaceutical industry, says Lexchin. But even this could be wrong a bit because there are other advertising campaigns which could not be taken into consideration such as ghost-writing and off-label promotion so in fact these companies are probably spending more than twice advertising rather then researching. As well, note the authors, the number of meetings for promotional purposes has dramatically increased in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, jumping from 120,000 in 1998 to 371,000 in 2004, further supporting their findings that the U.S. pharmaceutical industry is marketing-driven.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


When enough reputed Doctor come forward as Dr. Miller has and say that Flu shots are not supported by any research and in fact are dangerous then we may wake up as a nation. We will come to understand the Fear Factor played over and over again by the Pharmaceutical industry is creating a market and costing us billions of dollars. The country is reeling over health costs and the health system failing due to its cost and much of the money is going to all those high profile drug companies who say they are doing good when in fact they are only doing good to their own pocketbooks.

Here is a statement I found in Dr. Mercola's fine weekly magazine.

This is a talk about vitamin D and how it helps in many ways to strengthen us to fight disease including the flu.

Dr. Donald Miller, a cardiac surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington, recommends avoiding the flu shot and taking vitamin D instead. According to Dr. Miller, “Seventy percent of doctors do not get a flu shot.”

Health officials say that every winter 36,000 people will die from it. But the National Vital Statistics Reports compiled by the CDC show that only 1,138 deaths a year occur due to influenza alone -- more than 34,000 of the “36,000″ flu deaths are actually pneumonic and cardiovascular deaths.

There is also a lack of evidence that young children benefit from flu shots. In fact, a systematic review of 51 studies involving 260,000 children age 6 to 23 months found no evidence that the flu vaccine is any more effective than a placebo. But there is also a risk of harm from the flu vaccine itself, particularly from the mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde it contains.

The Drug companies should be forced to repay governments for their inappropriate touting of flu shots as a preventative. The FDA should not allow the Drug Companies to put ads on Television. America is one of the few countries in the world that allow Drug ads on TV.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dr. Edward Bach's Flower Remedies as he saw them

Dr. Bach stated that the real diseases of man are pride, cruelty, hate, selfishness, ignorance, instability and greed. His flower remedies have a strong impact with toxic emotions like resentment, guilt, hate and the feeling of being a victim. The flower remedies heal by rising the vibratory level of consciousness, therefore allowing us to perceive our superior nature. The flowers allow us to infuse our being with the particular virtue we need and automatically erasing the negative cause of the disorder producing pain. Dr. Bach passed away m peace in 1936. To this day, Queen Elizabeth II uses his flower remedies.

I found this in my reading and I am very happy to post it for it tells you in a nut shell what the remedies are for and how Bach perceived them to work. I can only say that they work and cannot dare to know why in the end but the above is as good an explanation as I could hope for. I do know we are mind driven and spirit seems to be present as some part of brain. So much for schooling.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A sad day for real Democracy with rules.

I am hugely disappointed that we will have to wait almost 2 months for a change of Government and the Gov Gen. decided to give the conservatives a break and suspend parliament. Prorogation ends a parliamentary session and allows the government to start again at a later date with a fresh throne speech. It typically happens when a government has exhausted its legislative agenda, not before it's even begun. How can this happen except through powerful forces swaying the Governor General. Are all her advisers in the same camp?

It is interesting to note here that the papers and media slammed Dion on his camera and some minor focus problems and perhaps too that a couple of times he stumbled. They did not comment on his words which were very reassuring. He would make a great leader I believe but the money men are against him. It is obvious in the slant of the criticism and the calls of it being undemocratic plus the calls to fear of chaos and not the issues of a failed minority at all.

We will see how hard the coalition can fight to either get great programs or bring the government down in this next little while and once the new budget is released. The coalition have the upper hand but only if the people respond and support them.
The people, the 65% of the population can win this way If the Government does fall the other parties will rise higher in the next election and make even a stronger coalition.

We need consensus and not conflict in our political world. We have to somehow redirect our energies to get government and our economy back to the people and away from the powers of money that are manipulating us.

Count the dollars spent and the coffers of the Conservative party. They are supported to rule and can win no matter how bad and we see this in the Pharmaceutical power block as well, in their similar ad campaigns that spread fear of change and their ability to hoodwink the public. The Pharmaceutical subvert the media through the millions they pour into it in ads. The money men own the media and are pleased as it all makes money. Our fight has to be on You Tube and in the public web media that they do not control. So membership in Face Book and My Space groups are important and necessary. If we are active we will win.

Onward and upward!
Prevail with purpose!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hahnemann Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies and my thoughts

I was in the shower and began to think about how they interrelate. I really started with Arnica and Bach Rescue Remedy. Homeopathy diagnoses using physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Bach really deals with mental and emotional symptoms.
In acute situations Homeopathy is peerless. In emotional turmoil the Rescue Remedy is peerless.
I opine in chronics that it is a bit different for there the Homeopathic remedies are working with more symptoms directly.
I realize that if all disease and dis-ease are caused by a mental, spiritual split then we should be using it long before we see physical symptoms. Dis-ease, out of sorts. Lets examine my idea. It really starts at the beginning.

The trauma of birth, the shocks of light and sound and air. The using of the lungs. The fussy or angry or weepy or lethargic or frightened child, the slow toddler, the antisocial younger brother, the picked on student and we could go on with these emotional and mental space we get ourselves into for a long time. These are all the forerunners, dis-ease and they cause disease. Not all disease nor all genetic problems but the arthritis, asthma, and eczema to name common ones even medicine recognizes the psychological factors in the management of them. Using Bach flowers for the different mental, emotional stresses, can create in us a state that will avoid illnesses of many kinds.

Bach believed that the mind spirit rift when healed would eliminate disease in the body therefore if we pay early attention to the emotional problems large and small we will reduce if not eliminate more serious problems. this is true throughout life and certainly in my later life I find the flower remedies true to their promises. Fears of all kinds, tensions that drive us mad, situations that seem hopeless, feelings of insecurity are all problems that I have quickly cleared up using flower remedies. They are awesome.

With proper diet, exercise and rest our physical body can do all its own work to maintain our muscles and rest for our systems.
Homeopathy takes care of our acute situations and Bach really is a defense of all our emotional situations from birth to death.

We inherit a starting point from our parents - life. It is a collection of the two people who begat you. From there we grow and how we are handled at the beginning and then how we handle the realities of being human is what we become. We are the creators and what we believe we create and become. It plays out in every way. Without a cognizant mind we grope no better than a one cell creature.

Life is what we make it. How we think and about what. How we deal with the physical and emotional stress of being alive. We are alive and in charge. Both Bach and Hahnemann have added immensely to our abilities to care for ourselves with remedies that have no side effects and support the body to heal itself

What cost life? It could be less.

I am continually surprised to read the New York Times and see articles like this that cannot figure out how we should deal with people and the rising cost of Health Care. It is very clear that we are in the hands of the Pharmaceuticals and our doctors are co-opted by them. They rule our lives more and more and if they have their way we will be in their pockets from birth to death.

Systematically they fight all other methods of healing spending millions of dollars world wide to give all but their own a bad name.
The article below prompted me to remember that I am here to encourage people to look at Homeopathy and its ability to deal with chronic ailments. I spent less than $100 over a ten year period to keep my arthritis, that started in my left wrist and hand, under control. Even now I take one tiny globule every day or two at the cost of less than $100 per year and most of that is for the couple of visits to my Homeopathic doctor to make sure I do not need some other remedy. Cheap, cheap, cheap. And effective and now at 74 most people would never guess that I have arthritis all over my body from toes to shoulders. I do not have pain and I know when to take another globule by the rise of one or another symptom. Not only that the remedy works on my mental and emotional space as well and keeps me emotionally stable and energized to carry on my life in the best possible way.
I am a layman with no formal training in Homeopathy other than through experience on film sets. Film sets are very stressful places with dis-ease and diseases and injuries and the latest flu and colds finding easy targets as crews work long hours. Those long hours play havoc with the body and wears us down and soon we are vulnerable to catching whatever is going around. I use my remedies with crews very successfully for acute situations. I have everyday books to diagnose and those books are clear and simple to understand. And the action of the remedies is sometimes so fast that it is hard to believe.
I had a chap come to me with his mouth full of blisters and scratching like mad at his cheek. I opened
Homeopathic Self-Care
The Quick & Easy Guide for the Whole Family
Written by Robert Ullman, N.D.Robert Ullman, N.D. Author Alert and Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, N.D., M.S.W

I looked at the allergy page and went to the section called listen to. That took about one minute. I handed it to the suffering man and he quickly read the sentences and after each sentence was a suggested remedy. He found one with symptoms of blisters and terrible itching and asked for the remedy Rhus Tox. I got it from my bag for it is a common remedy and he took it. In less than 5 minutes he was totally clear of all the problem. The whole episode took about 10 minutes. We were both in awe of the effectiveness. The only other thing we could have done was rush to the hospital and hope they would have the expensive pharmaceuticals to deal with the attack. I actually pondered if I should just get in the car with him and rush to the hospital for I was afraid his wind pipe would soon be affected. I am glad I went to my books and remedies.

So read below where we are in our society. Completely at the mercy of the Pharmaceuticals who's medicines often have terrible side effects and begin us on the slippery slope of being in their hands. It is a shame articles like the one below are having to be written and ordinary people have to be held hostage with the idea of how much is life worth.

There is lots to read below and places to go to read a Times series on the subject of costs and efficacy.

New York Times Wednesday December 3, 2008

British Balance Gain Against the Cost of the Latest Drugs

Published: December 2, 2008

RUISLIP, England — When Bruce Hardy’s kidney cancer spread to his lung, his doctor recommended an expensive new pill from Pfizer. But Mr. Hardy is British, and the British health authorities refused to buy the medicine. His wife has been distraught.

Hazel Thompson for The New York Times

Bruce and Joy Hardy of Ruislip, England, are awaiting a British agency’s reconsideration of its rejection of a medicine sought by Mr. Hardy, a kidney cancer patient.

The Evidence Gap

Setting a Price on Life

Articles in this series will explore medical treatments used despite scant proof they work and will consider steps toward medicine based on evidence.

All Articles in the Series »

“Everybody should be allowed to have as much life as they can,” Joy Hardy said in the couple’s modest home outside London.

If the Hardys lived in the United States or just about any European country other than Britain, Mr. Hardy would most likely get the drug, although he might have to pay part of the cost. A clinical trial showed that the pill, called Sutent, delays cancer progression for six months at an estimated treatment cost of $54,000.

But at that price, Mr. Hardy’s life is not worth prolonging, according to a British government agency, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. The institute, known as NICE, has decided that Britain, except in rare cases, can afford only £15,000, or about $22,750, to save six months of a citizen’s life.

British authorities, after a storm of protest, are reconsidering their decision on the cancer drug and others.

For years, Britain was almost alone in using evidence of cost-effectiveness to decide what to pay for. But skyrocketing prices for drugs and medical devices have led a growing number of countries to ask the hardest of questions: How much is life worth? For many, NICE has the answer.

Top health officials in Austria, Brazil, Colombia and Thailand said in interviews that NICE now strongly influences their policies.

“All the middle-income countries — in Eastern Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East and all over Asia — are aware of NICE and are thinking about setting up something similar,” said Dr. Andreas Seiter, a senior health specialist at the World Bank.

So what is your health worth? Do you want a price tag on it? Get smart and look to other ways to heal yourself. Step out of the paradigm of the Pharmaceutical world. Homeopathy and the Bach Flower remedies for mental and emotional problems are two of the ways to do this with remedies that are effective and have no side effects.