Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Every step a Victory!!!

My life and work are very gratifying.

I have terrible teeth and go to the U of T Dental school to have them worked on. Over the 5 years I have had several student dentists. My present doctor, Brian Waxman took one of my pocket packs although until he met me he did not know anything about homeopathy or flower remedies. I showed him how to tkae the pills and what they might help with. How to go with the guiding symptom. He just finished his finals and here is his testimonial.
Hey John,

I wanted to thank you for your guidance in helping me discover the healing power of the hollywood surival kit. As a dental student, I often have a ton of exams and clinic which is double the stress. I often don't have time to have lunch, and often have a racing mind and don't have great sleeps due to stress. Furthermore, being in dental school, I am always on the run! So, with the help of the survival kit, I was able to deal with my stress with the stress formula, the nux vomica and the coffea cruda. They all helped me to focus and to sleep and really took my stress to a level that was manageable. Also, the arnica montana was amazing in helping with the aches and pains of running around all day. I recommended it to all my friends and colleagues who already are seeing the benefits.

Thanks again John!

Bryan Waxman
U of T Dental School