Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Peoples of the world are in trouble!!!

This article is about the state of freedoms in England. It is the same in Canada, the United States, all the rest of the EU. All of us are losing our rights.

According to The Tax-Payers’ Alliance, the total cost, to The United Kingdom, of membership of The European Union - business regulations, VAT & other EU Tax, higher food prices, enforcing EU rules, administration, miscellaneous .. is £1 billion every three days :

£1,000,000,000 EVERY THREE DAYS

In return we have completely, or largely - and soon to be completely - lost control, to the E.U., of our
legal system ... economy ... local government ... immigration ... coastal controls ... business regulations ... tax ... foreign policy ... defence ... social, health and education policy .... NATIONAL DEMOCRACY : NATIONAL SOVEREIGNITY

Thanks to the EU Common Fisheries Policy, in 2007, alone, in the North Sea, alone, and considering three species of fish, alone,
23,600 tonnes of cod : 31,048 tonnes of haddock ; 6,000 tons of whiting ... were thrown back, dead, into the sea : 60,000 tonnes on the sea bed

On All-Fools Day, 2011, EU rules, ALREADY PASSED, come into force with regard to our health freedoms : the targets are herbal remedies, vitamin/mineral supplements, essential oils, organic foods : everything in the natural section which is a threat to the Pharma/GM disease machine.

These were drawn up by European Commission bureaucrats, who have a very cosy relationship with the pharmaceutical industry, and The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulations Agency (MHRA).

In return for passing legislation designed to destroy all opposition to the pharma-cartel, the EC/EU bureaucrats benefit from the “revolving door” route to well-paid positions within the pharmaceutical industry.

As for the MHRA .... “Despite being a department of the British Government, the MHRA is funded entirely by pharmaceutical companies and a percentage of staff and executives come from the pharmaceutical industry. ...

In 2001, the American Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) embarked upon a campaign named ‘Operation Cure All’ aimed at wiping out the producers and retailers of any kind of herbal treatments for cancer. The FDA & MHRA work in close collaboration.” Martin J Walker

The MHRA is the largest pharmaceutically-funded enforcement and policing agency in Europe.
If you were part of the problem, at the last election, i.e. if you voted Lib/Lab/Con OR DID NOT VOTE AT ALL now is the time to wake up.

The passing of Doug Dales

Too steep he paid a price poor prince
now dead and gone beyond us far.
How much I miss your honesty and love.
The twinkle in your eye meant much more.

But you are gone now away for ever and a day
into places we have yet to see or feel or know.
I'm not so far behind so it will not be too long
till we put our heads together and sing another song