Saturday, February 26, 2011

John Board at the beginning of March

Life has its turns and so we change or not and try to understand and try to make things as whole as possible.

My second CT scan was the same as the first and my blood good as well. I am dedicated to my health right
now as best I can be. I am close except in smoking but even there I am smoking 50% of what I used to.

We have an appointment in three months to see if proper living (sorta) with some thoughtful supplements and Homeopathic care can cure me.

My energy went down just after Christmas until I was sleeping 10 hours a night but I did not fight that at all.
Slowly I have improved. I fine cut the feature Oriental Pearls - 7 love stories, exquisitely shot, well directed and acted by 7 of Vietnam's finest female stars. Each story now shaped and a pleasure to enjoy.

Now I am on Manitoulin Island at the Weengushk Film Institute. Heaven and pergotory all at once. Heaven just to be here and meet another culture for the first time and feel what quiet enthusiasm is all about. Pergotory because I have to make up my own call sheets and I have never had to do the mechanics of it on a computer; just not a good sectetary.

We go out on Monday and the schedule is good now and the actors rehearsed and the 4 directors as ready as can be and we shall see how the 11 days of shooting unfold. 4 10 minute stories the first of a seriies. Light and fun. It will be challanging for me to eat enough and think enough and act enough to be a great asset in the process but I will do my best. I am excited.

Life at 76 is getting more and more fulfilling in every way. Even in paying attention to myself so I will get better.