Saturday, June 14, 2008

Reflections on how we got here.

I have just finished reading "A Far Country" but Winston Churchill. He was a cousin of the famous Winston Churchill, and an American writer in the early 1900s. The book is a very open story about the early "men of means" and how they rigged and fixed governments from city boroughs to town halls, States and the nation itself. I was surprised at my own naivety and surprise to read what we all know so clearly today and that it has been so for centuries. It is a gently told story as English was written in those days was more measured and somehow clean and pure.

A young man growing up in an established family home becomes a brilliant lawyer and uses his talents to foster the desires of the wealthy as they dominate the mining, textile, transport systems in his home state. It even alludes to the hospitals under the control of the wealthy. Remember that in the early days of the AMA and the pharmaceuticals that denigrating the homeopathic system which was well developed in America at the turn of the century was a clear purpose and we today are the inheritors of the success that they had. It was and is to the detriment of society at large and today all people are reaping the results of the victories of the moneyed and the corporations that control our ordinary lives. We are the pathetic recipients of this lack of humanity that brings us now to a world in crisis at every level. It is a shame for these people are intelligent and if they turned their work away from greed to care for others and proper support of the ordinary folk of the world and not the bottom line of profits we would be living in Eden instead of edging toward mass catastrophe. Throughout the world the ordinary people of the world are suffering untold problems while lining the coffers of the wealthy and the corporations.

I think that the Corporations are amoral and sociopathic in their behavior and was wont to attribute it the people who run them but lately I realize that in every person who works at the top of these corporations the blame must be laid for they are intelligent and keep themselves blinkered to the task at hand which is profit even at the expense of people if need be. The famous 4 Ds pervade their way of being. Deny, Delay, Divide, Discredit. How they operate and nowhere more clearly than in the pharmaceutical industry that is trying and still succeeding in controlling the Governments of the world to accept modern medicine and their goods as the arbiters of good medicine and health and the Governments fall pray to their deep pockets and influence peddling in spite of the clear negative and often criminal results of their powerful self serving attitudes.

This morning in the New York Times there is an article which I have posted reporting that in examining the death reasons over several years through coroner's and autopsy reports many more people have died from problems with pharmaceutical drugs than have died through illegal drugs. It is shocking when you read the numbers and realize that the research is valid and cannot be refuted.