Monday, May 30, 2011

Dehumanizing Mankind

Over the last few months I have become confused more and more about what kind of a world I am in. It feels like mankind is being thrown for a loop by disastrous events like Iraq, Egypt, flu, Economic meltdowns to cite a few. Somehow it lead me to reread 1984 by George Orwell who paints a dim picture of the future. It is chilling reading for in many places he paints the road we are on now. Reading the following paragraph I was shocked.

"in the general hardening of outlook that set in round about
1930, practices which had been long abandoned, in some
cases for hundreds of years—imprisonment without trial,
the use of war prisoners as slaves, public executions, torture
to extract confessions, the use of hostages, and the deportation
of whole populations—not only became common
again, but were tolerated and even defended by people who
considered themselves enlightened and progressive".
pg 258 1984 by George Orwell

This is certainly true from where I stand as I was raised with much higher standards of freedom and caring. We were fighting it seemed for a peaceful and productive world. But now like '1984' we are continually at war and this feels more and more like it is part of the strategy of control and centralizing power. We are fed through the media no different than in 1984.

I feel we are being dehumanized by this and somehow finding the control fine as we have an easy life. But we are being driven from disaster to disaster and seem to be losing the personal control of our lives.

I was directed to the following documentary:
"How the free market ideas of economist Milton Friedman and the Chicago School fostered the impact of shock from the 1970s Pinochet regime in Chile to the Bush administration today.

"Internationally renowned author, journalist and syndicated columnist Naomi Klein on her new book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism". Klein is best known for her book from the year 2000, the international bestseller "No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies". It was called "A Movement Bible" by the New York Times referring to its incredible impact on the anti-globalization movement. In this extraordinary interview, Klein discusses the key ideas behind her concept of The Shock Doctrine and its importance as an alternate economic, social and political history of the last thirty years. She describes how the free market ideas of economist Milton Friedman and the Chicago School fostered the impact of shock from the 1970s Pinochet regime in Chile to the Bush administration today."
This doc is about 50 minutes long and riveting.

We have not yet arrived at the Orwellian world but it seems clear that we are heading in that general direction. For one example just look at the Security net that will surround North America when Canada and the US implement it. It will be as much a prison for those inside as it will be a defended island for those outside.

The US Congress or Senate have or had under discussion if they should make law that says the USA is continually at war. A clear move toward solidifying the disaster technique being used today.

This seems to be a disastrous road for humankind for it can only lead to reducing the very things that make us human; our humanity and replaces it with a group at the top who see people as slaves one way or another, to be managed in brutal ways. It is sadistic by design and Power is its goal. Absolute Power even over its own ranks.

It is insidious how Power grows until we deem it OK; an example is the Lotteries. On one hand the Power says it raises money for charities but the buyer is gambling and hoping for a big win. Should we encourage our population to resort to gambling to get ahead?

Controls over our choices and our rights to choose are already in place and more are coming as supplements get legislated against and natural and herbal remedies are being curtailed and outlawed. Our lives are being directed as much as possible from the outside.

In our favour we have communications and this gives mass rallying power when needed and opportunities to hunker down in our homes and communities and try more and more to be self reliant in every way: living within our means and not on bank loans of any kind. Become aware of who is in the driver's seat and are the intentions really good for both the mental and physical health of ourselves, our families and the community we live in. "1984" is not here yet.