Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You may honestly feel grateful...

You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy
survived the attempts of the allopaths to destroy it.
- Mark Twain

I can easily say. "I rest my case." but then who is Mark Twain in the scheme of things. I think homeopathy is just rising its head again as a system of healing that is positive to the immune system and has no side effects. I am always in awe of how gentle and unnoticed it does its work and how the results are most often completely satisfactory in the acute situations that I mostly deal in.
this week I used #8 Colobrina to help me get over my jet lag. It was really hard to get back to a North American cycle after being so long in Vietnam. I also used Arnica on a calf muscle that decided to spasm and not really release and it made my leg sore up to my knee where the underside was tender. I thought I had torn a ligament. Four days it took to subside completely and another 3 days to be totally pain free. I was worried I would not fix it with Arnica but that stuff is magic.

Friday, May 26, 2006

ADHD and where to find answers

Yesterday I posted an article about the woes of medications for kids who are hyperactive and this morning I was speaking to a business acquaintance who has a very intelligent son who seems to be all good except unfocussed. We talkeed about the sugar in his house and how his son loves it and then about all the diet the child had. I remembered a book I was recommended called RITALIN FREE KIDS. HERE IS HE WEB SITE.
If you are having trouble with your child and it is all about focus then you might look at this site and see if there is help for you. Remember that homeopathy unlike Ritalin does not have side effects. Homeopathy is not addictive. I know that even using tromos #1 from my kit and taking your child off sugar you will begin to see change. My friend is trying some Coffea with his child and I look foreward to reading how it along with the TROMOS will help his son come to a better place so he can really explore his intelligence in a calm way.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

ADHD in the news, not so good, maybe coffea,0,1308672.story?coll=sns-ap-health-headlines

Study: ADHD Drugs Send Thousands to ERs

Associated Press Writer

May 24, 2006, 10:56 PM EDT

Accidental overdoses and side effects from attention deficit drugs likely send thousands of children and adults to emergency rooms, according to the first national estimates of the problem.

The rest of this story is pretty sad really. I wonder why not so many years ago we did not have so many kids on drugs, for what might just be a little overactiveness. Unfortunately, we now do not have parents as interested in rearing kids, and it seems easier for kids to wander off into worlds that lead to a fractured focus. I often wonder if Coffea which is really for an overactive mind might not help kids settle down and focus enough to be seen as normal. I'd love to find some kids whose parents would like to try Homeopathy and Flower remedies as gentle, no side effect, ways of solving the ADHD problems. Getting kids out of any sense of responsibility for their actions which is what drugs do, seems to me the beginning of a kind of dependency that we all would prefer to aviod.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bruce's overactive mind at bedtime - Coffea the answer

Bruce came to Saigon to help me prepare the film I was producing and he is a heads down worker with a penchant for detail. I mean that is every scene dissected and pored over until all the information is correctly noted in the schedules. Gruelling work, that takes long hours of concentration and lots of detail to remember. Well Bruce loved Saigon except he has fair skin and cannot be in the sun and his favourite months are September/October when it is cool. Saigon at 80+ all the time was not comfortable and Bruce also needs quiet to sleep and Saigon is not quiet except from midnight to five AM. So Bruce suffered a lack of sleep and in desperation came to me to help. Naturally in his rush to come he had forgotten to bring his kit. What can I say, “Brains are not wasted on the smart." So I dug into my kit and gave him my vial of Coffea 30ch. "Take a pill a half hour before you go to bed." Well he did and the next morning he said he slept and like most people he said he could not be sure if it was the Coffea but he did take the vial home again and used Coffea again.

Coffea is a great way to understand the underlying principle of Homeopathy. "Like treats Like." Coffee in a large dose activates you and gets your mind going. Coffea cruda, is made from the coffee bean and is a minute dilution of coffee. Now we are talking minute here. We don't even have the instruments to measure that small. One drop in one 100 to the 30th power which is pretty small. You figure out how many zeros that is as I am poor with math. Anyway that is why there are no side effects and if it is the wrong remedy it just goes on by. Seems that Homeopathy triggers the body to do its work and as such acts like a catalyst. Neat thought that we can trigger our immune system to wake up and do the job but it is true and Homeopathy is better than any alarm clock.

Monday, May 22, 2006

My brother has an accident in Brazil. Yuk!

I just spoke to Henry, my brother, on Skype. He is in Brazil by the sea where he lives part time. He kayaks and is in good shape. Well, he misjudged the tide and a big rock and watched his kayak bust up, and with a paddle as a friend, he swam 3 miles to shore. His eyes, from the salt burn, took 4 days to heal. His body was a mess, and he was bruised and worn out. He took Arnica at the time to help him heal.

Now it is two weeks later and he is suffering from sciatica, and has trouble walking. And to add insult to injury, he fell down a hill when he was clearing palm fronds. He had accupuncture in Sao Paulo which brought some temporary relief. He does not get back here to Canada until mid June.

I told him to get out his Hollywood Survival Kit:

Take the following:

#1 Tromos in all his drinkng water: put 3 drops in your water bottle and sip it all day. It will help with the whole head space of the accident remembered and will bring a better perspective to the whole event both past and how he is relating to it now.

#2 Aconite for a few days. 3 times a day. Aconite is for sudden emotioal shock and the fear of death. Well, that was 2 weeks ago but maybe he is still in mental trauma. I mean it was live or die and at night in the end.

#4 Arnica Pill - 3 times a day: for the physical healing that is going on..

#4 Arnica Pill - Arnica every time it hurts, One pill can be repaeted at 15 minute intervals till the pain subsides.

#7 Ledum - 3 times a day. For the heavy bruising and the back damage. It can actually be alternated with Arnica 3 times a day.

#8 Colobrina for a few days. 3 times a day. It is a remedy for too much. That hang over feeling. Henry is still in too much as the accident has not gone away so to speak, so I think the Colobrina may help. It is also good for back pain.

# 9 Arnica Gel - on the back where it hurts and when it hurts. On the foot that you hurt playing tennis, at night and in the morning and during the day too if it is painful.

He will report back in five days.

I tell you this story to demonstate in a real way how to use the kit in accidents and injury. We so often think that pain, and discomfort, and long recovery periods, are how it is. But I assure you, this is not always the case, and proper use of Hemoepathy, which has no side effects, can make the painful, less painfull, and the recovery speedier.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Arnica: for pain and sore muscles - a movie story

i just got back from Saigon. I was there Producing a feature film called "Saigon Eclipse." but that is another story. This is about Betsy a wonderful lady from Manila who is the 1st Assistant Director of the film. She came home after the second day of filming and said her heels hurt. I got her to take her sock off and gently spread Arnica gel on her feet, massaging ever so gently. I gave her a pill of Arnica 200ch as well. Within minutes she said the feet were feeling better and her body not so sore. She took another pill before bed and a tube of Arnica gel to use on other tender parts. The next morning when she came in she said she had already applied some more gel. She did that one more night and then her feet did not hurt anymore nor did her body, and she never needed any more Arnica. So, even though she never slacked off work, and abused her body each day to the extent she did, and belive me the work is hard out there. Nothing easy on either brain or brawn. So, in spite of this, her body healed and she strengthened herself in 3 days, to take the grind and not hurt. Arnica is awesome and I could tell you my own story of being over 60 and in MIlwakee and going through the same painful ordeal 12 hours a day. Amazing stuff, Arnica.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Flu need not frighten you and need not harm you

Reading CNN Health and this is what they said under flu symptoms.

The symptoms of the flu are similar to those of a cold, but more severe, and include:
fever (usually high)
extreme fatigue
dry cough
sore throat
runny or stuffy nose
muscle aches
nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are also possible

Now tamiflu eases some of these symproms and Tamiflu is expensive and has side effects that may be debilitating. the Hollywood Survival Kit has remedies lthat are as effective at easing the symptoms but with no side effects, and inexpensive. I've listed the symptoms from the article and put some remedies from the kit beside each. Have a look.

Because you have opened the kit and you feel a change coming on, the flu, you should take #1, It's based on Bach Flower Rescue Remedy and it is a wonderful easer of the mind. Somehow it can take the edge off any situation from a funeral to an exam. I suggest it whenever you open the kit as it means you have some worry and it will help your perspective when selecting your remedy. Three drops on your tongue of in a bottle of water and sipped. It is very calming without altering your mental processes or your physical abilities.

Symptoms listed on CNN

The symptoms of the flu are similar to those of a cold, but more severe, and include:

the flu remedy in the Hollywood Survival Kit - Anas Barbaraae 200ch - It is the largest flu remedy sold in France under a specialty name Oscilloccocinum. Take it at the first sign of a flu and it will often just make it go away. If you have the flu then take it every few hours and it will ease the symptoms and the flu will pass quicker. Some people take Anas as a preventative once a month in the flu season but I have no direct experience with this idea.

fever (usually high) - #2 Anconitum 30ch - taken at first sign of a cold and any quick change in the body. It is also used when death is feared and good to ease the mind on trips to the dentist. For emotional shock.

headache- #8 Colobrina 30ch- a hangover remedy that is good for the headache that comes up the back of the neck. I suggest it if you have nausea. I use the guiding symptom of "too much" to lead me to the remedy. Too much booze or too much work, too much flu or too much of just about anything makes us cranky, with headaches and bad sleeping patterns. Colobrina is good to have around.

extreme fatigue - #4 Arnica 200ch - will pick you up a bit and keep you going if you have to keep going. Arnica is the first remedy for any and all physical shock. Indeed, a flu coming on is a physical shock.

dry cough- I would use - #11 - Echinacea throat spray which is antibacterial, - #12 - Mystic Air to sooth the lungs.
sore throat, runny or stuffy nose - #11- Echinacea throat spray

muscle aches - #4 Arnica 200ch - excellent for aching muscles or all sorts.

nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are also possible - #2 Anconitum 30ch, #8 Colobrina, #5 Carbo Veg 6 ch, good for gas and belching and that over full feeling. It is also known as the great reviver and used in dire cases.

In my kit there are lots of ways to help you defeat the flu and get strong again. Homeopathy is like a catalyst in that it encoureges the body to do its work and believe it or not we have strong bodies and can be energized to handle our own problems.

John Board

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sprain an ankle and think of Arnica

I have been using Arnica cream and Arnica ch200 globules for sprains on film sets for over 15 years. It comes from a moutain flower; Arnica Montana. I use it on sore muscles and take a pill when my lower back gets painful from standng too long on the concrete floors of movie studios. Arnica pills should be used as quickly as possible after all accidents as a first remedy to ease pain and begin healing. You can take one every 10 minutes until the pain subsides. I have used it to control the pain of broken bones. Arnica if taken soon after a sprain may get rid of the sprain overnight. One pill at a time, as more will not make a difference. If your feet are sore after running, the Arnica cream will make them feel better and strengthen the body to do its work and heal the bruising. The cream is great on aching muscles but should not be used if the skin is broken as it may create a rash near the cut or scraped area. I promise you success. It is a mainstay in my kit.
Read the stories about the stuff on my web page.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Trouble getting off Paxil read this

Hi John,

So nice to hear from you. I hope you are well or better, I hope things are great for you.

I have thought of you since you were last here. I really wasn't myself and I think I resented your comments, albeit they were intended to be helpful, about the antidepressant Paxil that I was taking.

By the end of February, this year I was severely depressed and there was no question in my mind that it was chemically induced and that I was feeding them to myself. Nearly 1 in 8 commit suicide or are hospitalized because of Paxil (which I now know). I decided the little 'helping' pill was trying to kill me and made the gigantic acknowledgement that only by changing my life style would I be able to recover from all of the disappointments, divorce, life crap that is handed to us all.

I thought of you on my second day off Paxil and I took myself to a health store and bought a supply of Bach Rescue Remedy. If there was ever a time I needed it, I knew this was the big time. I drank it by the bottle full to ease the physical pain and mental anguish. It took me 8 days to get off of Paxil and I think kicking heroin would be similar. Family and friends were duly concerned, but only I could do the withdrawal. John, it was a hell I will never forget and can now only warn others about. You were right and I was mad at you because I wanted a pill to make my life better. I was simply tired of the fight to stay sane and needed to take what I thought was a 'free ride'.

My family and friends continually 'welcome' me back. I truly was a different person and frankly, I am so happy to be me again. I take the highs and lows and I cry and get angry and depressed, but I know now it is a part of the cycle of life and there are no 'free rides'.

Thank you for your continued friendship and you can add me to the long list of people that 'rescue remedy' assisted.

With love and appreciation,


THE KIT #1 REMEDY IS TROMOS ( based on the Bach Rescue Remedy formula)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Got Ashma then read this


The Board of Health

Jeremy Shell, Age 20, Toronto/Vancouver March 1, 2005

I am part of an ever-ailing, over medicated generation. Born in 1984, I found myself in a numbed state where pain was thought avoidable and loving parents could not abide suffering. And so my place was set in an empathy-fueled whirlwind of modifiers.
At age 18 I found myself groggy, weighing 356 pounds at 5'7". I had severe Eczema, causing unconscionable discomfort and leaving me swollen and irritated. The suffering Eczema caused was a major factor in my obesity. I would often go to school in shorts in winter, as the sensation of burning on my skin was eased by the fierce cold.
I had Asthma, worsened by my obesity. Strange as it seems, I was still quite a good athlete, playing high school rugby and experiencing a AA hockey career as a child.
Three doctors saw me a combined eight times annually: my general practitioner, for illness and referrals, a dermatologist for my skin and a specialist for my Asthma.
I was prescribed a cocktail of medications. I took two puffers, one for daily use and one for emergencies. In addition to this, I took daily pills; Singulair to improve breathing and Claritan. Several Eczema remedies including Bethamasone cream, Protopic cream, Nivea cream, Vaseline, Atarax Pills (fatigue agent) and Polysporin were used in combinations daily. Additionally, I used Advil for headaches and soreness and cough syrup when ailing with a cold.
Miraculously, I decided to move out to Vancouver to attend UBC after high school. The Western climate, far more accommodating to my skin, provided me a life of greater comfort than I had ever known. My skin became far less agitated, although still constantly itchy, and did not bother me nearly as severely. Periods of sweating or wearing irritating material (which can be cotton at times of agitation) remained problematic. I ceased to ever use Atarax and my cream consumption decreased drastically. Suffice it to say, I still had breakouts and constant itch, but at far more tolerable levels. Also, my skin did not appear as bad, with less visible dryness, redness and abrasions everywhere. This vastly improved my self-esteem.
I joined the UBC Rugby program, the country's best, and was allowed to stay, upon agreement to get in shape. Coupled with an improved diet, my exercise regime allowed me to lose 118 pounds in two years. My breathing had improved drastically as well as my skin.
Although my health had greatly improved, I still wheezed and was restricted in my play by Asthma and Eczema, which hurt my concentration on the field and cause me to scratch viciously.
Having come so far already and feeling as if I had so much farther to climb, I hit a wall. Eczema and Asthma remained bitter realities in my life. And then I met John Board 6 months ago.
Through a caring mutual friend, John and I were introduced. We spoke at great lengths about my afflictions and John suggested that I try his Hollywood Survival Kit. Willing to experiment, I undertook the expense. I was certain that the potential benefits outweighed the cost of the product.
An honest trial was in order. I ceased to use my Asthma puffers entirely for a period of two weeks, replacing them with the Kit's Mystic Air Spray whenever Asthma became an immediate issue. For the same period, I replaced Cortisone creams with Calendula cream from the Hollywood Survival kit. I also employed a smattering of the Kit's other remedies in appropriate situations. I was off conventional remedies and into the house of Board.
At the end of two weeks, my rugby game-minutes had increased from 40 to 72. I had never felt fitter and was ceasing to hyperventilate as easily. I wheezed slightly, when waning off of puffers, but that stopped after the first days. To this day I use Mystic Air Spray and no pharmaceuticl puffers.
I quickly found the Calendula cream had a soothing texture and consistency. It relieved itch and dryness. I appreciated it‚s non-greasy nature greatly, as did my cleaning bills. I use this product to this day, although I still require strong Cortisones for period of harsh skin outbreak. Unfortunately, Calendula cream is scarcely available in large quantity. The best value I've found for the product is in Board‚s Hollywood Kit.
The Coffea remedy proved a favourite of mine. It claims to hold properties of calming the mind and allowing one to focus. I began taking them while restlessly battling impending schoolwork. I do not know if this drug is a placebo or not, but it worked for me. It seemed to allow me to focus, by what nature I do not know. I use this product weekly.
Arnica Gel was the most pleasant surprise of the kit. The soothing gel relieves soreness from bruises and sore muscles. I enjoyed the healing properties of this gel so much I bought a sample for the rugby team. Several members of the team now keep it on hand, as well as the training staff.
I found that treating colds with a combination of Aconite from the Kit and Echinacea throat spray was most effective. Usually, my Asthma worsens dramatically with cold or flu. However, the Echinacea throat spray relieved the tension in my throat and eased the congested feeling of my lungs allowing me to fend off worsening Asthma due to cold.
As I would increase puffer dosage, when sick, I did the same thing with Mystic Air with excellent results. In addition to this, Arnica gel and Arnica pills aided in keeping sore muscles caused by illness at bay.
In my pursuit of rugby glory, I have employed the Hollywood kit as a major first aid player. As mentioned before, the Arnica gel is a wonder, calming inflammation and pain in bruising and light sprains. Calendula cream proved excellent for soothing irritation from medical tape. As well, Dr. Bach‚s stress formula proved its worth when it calmed a player emerging into shock from a combination of a severe knee sprain and cold.
In my daily life, where I am a common offender against my own body, several remedies have made my life better. Firstly, Carbo Veg. In my constant endeavour to overeat dramatically, Carbo Veg. aides in settling my stomach and easing the bloated feeling.
Aside from food, drink is another vice of mine. Being a university student and a rugby player to boot makes the bar a second home. The Kit's, Nux Vomica is the best hangover relief out there. It alleviates a great deal of the mental fatigue I feel after doing the town, as well as lessening the physically ill feeling in my stomach.
I currently find myself in better health than I have ever known, under the influence of drastically less medicine and subject to less expenditure. I still use prescription medications to treat Eczema, but I require them far less frequently. I have also begun to see a Homeopathic doctor to see if he can help. John Board told me that his brand of homeopathy could compliment modern medicine, not have to replace it. This brand of moderate thought has allowed me to add homeopathic weapons to my treatment arsenal and to realize a better state of being than ever before.
Upon reflection of my experiences over the last six months, I can state wholeheartedly that I am feeling better because of the properties of the Kit. I suggest it to anyone as an excellent first aid tool or as an effective treatment for Asthma. I make this suggestion because today, I feel good.