Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Flu need not frighten you and need not harm you

Reading CNN Health and this is what they said under flu symptoms.

The symptoms of the flu are similar to those of a cold, but more severe, and include:
fever (usually high)
extreme fatigue
dry cough
sore throat
runny or stuffy nose
muscle aches
nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are also possible

Now tamiflu eases some of these symproms and Tamiflu is expensive and has side effects that may be debilitating. the Hollywood Survival Kit has remedies lthat are as effective at easing the symptoms but with no side effects, and inexpensive. I've listed the symptoms from the article and put some remedies from the kit beside each. Have a look.

Because you have opened the kit and you feel a change coming on, the flu, you should take #1, It's based on Bach Flower Rescue Remedy and it is a wonderful easer of the mind. Somehow it can take the edge off any situation from a funeral to an exam. I suggest it whenever you open the kit as it means you have some worry and it will help your perspective when selecting your remedy. Three drops on your tongue of in a bottle of water and sipped. It is very calming without altering your mental processes or your physical abilities.

Symptoms listed on CNN

The symptoms of the flu are similar to those of a cold, but more severe, and include:

the flu remedy in the Hollywood Survival Kit - Anas Barbaraae 200ch - It is the largest flu remedy sold in France under a specialty name Oscilloccocinum. Take it at the first sign of a flu and it will often just make it go away. If you have the flu then take it every few hours and it will ease the symptoms and the flu will pass quicker. Some people take Anas as a preventative once a month in the flu season but I have no direct experience with this idea.

fever (usually high) - #2 Anconitum 30ch - taken at first sign of a cold and any quick change in the body. It is also used when death is feared and good to ease the mind on trips to the dentist. For emotional shock.

headache- #8 Colobrina 30ch- a hangover remedy that is good for the headache that comes up the back of the neck. I suggest it if you have nausea. I use the guiding symptom of "too much" to lead me to the remedy. Too much booze or too much work, too much flu or too much of just about anything makes us cranky, with headaches and bad sleeping patterns. Colobrina is good to have around.

extreme fatigue - #4 Arnica 200ch - will pick you up a bit and keep you going if you have to keep going. Arnica is the first remedy for any and all physical shock. Indeed, a flu coming on is a physical shock.

dry cough- I would use - #11 - Echinacea throat spray which is antibacterial, - #12 - Mystic Air to sooth the lungs.
sore throat, runny or stuffy nose - #11- Echinacea throat spray

muscle aches - #4 Arnica 200ch - excellent for aching muscles or all sorts.

nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are also possible - #2 Anconitum 30ch, #8 Colobrina, #5 Carbo Veg 6 ch, good for gas and belching and that over full feeling. It is also known as the great reviver and used in dire cases.

In my kit there are lots of ways to help you defeat the flu and get strong again. Homeopathy is like a catalyst in that it encoureges the body to do its work and believe it or not we have strong bodies and can be energized to handle our own problems.

John Board

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