Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bruce's overactive mind at bedtime - Coffea the answer

Bruce came to Saigon to help me prepare the film I was producing and he is a heads down worker with a penchant for detail. I mean that is every scene dissected and pored over until all the information is correctly noted in the schedules. Gruelling work, that takes long hours of concentration and lots of detail to remember. Well Bruce loved Saigon except he has fair skin and cannot be in the sun and his favourite months are September/October when it is cool. Saigon at 80+ all the time was not comfortable and Bruce also needs quiet to sleep and Saigon is not quiet except from midnight to five AM. So Bruce suffered a lack of sleep and in desperation came to me to help. Naturally in his rush to come he had forgotten to bring his kit. What can I say, “Brains are not wasted on the smart." So I dug into my kit and gave him my vial of Coffea 30ch. "Take a pill a half hour before you go to bed." Well he did and the next morning he said he slept and like most people he said he could not be sure if it was the Coffea but he did take the vial home again and used Coffea again.

Coffea is a great way to understand the underlying principle of Homeopathy. "Like treats Like." Coffee in a large dose activates you and gets your mind going. Coffea cruda, is made from the coffee bean and is a minute dilution of coffee. Now we are talking minute here. We don't even have the instruments to measure that small. One drop in one 100 to the 30th power which is pretty small. You figure out how many zeros that is as I am poor with math. Anyway that is why there are no side effects and if it is the wrong remedy it just goes on by. Seems that Homeopathy triggers the body to do its work and as such acts like a catalyst. Neat thought that we can trigger our immune system to wake up and do the job but it is true and Homeopathy is better than any alarm clock.

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