Friday, May 26, 2006

ADHD and where to find answers

Yesterday I posted an article about the woes of medications for kids who are hyperactive and this morning I was speaking to a business acquaintance who has a very intelligent son who seems to be all good except unfocussed. We talkeed about the sugar in his house and how his son loves it and then about all the diet the child had. I remembered a book I was recommended called RITALIN FREE KIDS. HERE IS HE WEB SITE.
If you are having trouble with your child and it is all about focus then you might look at this site and see if there is help for you. Remember that homeopathy unlike Ritalin does not have side effects. Homeopathy is not addictive. I know that even using tromos #1 from my kit and taking your child off sugar you will begin to see change. My friend is trying some Coffea with his child and I look foreward to reading how it along with the TROMOS will help his son come to a better place so he can really explore his intelligence in a calm way.

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