Monday, May 22, 2006

My brother has an accident in Brazil. Yuk!

I just spoke to Henry, my brother, on Skype. He is in Brazil by the sea where he lives part time. He kayaks and is in good shape. Well, he misjudged the tide and a big rock and watched his kayak bust up, and with a paddle as a friend, he swam 3 miles to shore. His eyes, from the salt burn, took 4 days to heal. His body was a mess, and he was bruised and worn out. He took Arnica at the time to help him heal.

Now it is two weeks later and he is suffering from sciatica, and has trouble walking. And to add insult to injury, he fell down a hill when he was clearing palm fronds. He had accupuncture in Sao Paulo which brought some temporary relief. He does not get back here to Canada until mid June.

I told him to get out his Hollywood Survival Kit:

Take the following:

#1 Tromos in all his drinkng water: put 3 drops in your water bottle and sip it all day. It will help with the whole head space of the accident remembered and will bring a better perspective to the whole event both past and how he is relating to it now.

#2 Aconite for a few days. 3 times a day. Aconite is for sudden emotioal shock and the fear of death. Well, that was 2 weeks ago but maybe he is still in mental trauma. I mean it was live or die and at night in the end.

#4 Arnica Pill - 3 times a day: for the physical healing that is going on..

#4 Arnica Pill - Arnica every time it hurts, One pill can be repaeted at 15 minute intervals till the pain subsides.

#7 Ledum - 3 times a day. For the heavy bruising and the back damage. It can actually be alternated with Arnica 3 times a day.

#8 Colobrina for a few days. 3 times a day. It is a remedy for too much. That hang over feeling. Henry is still in too much as the accident has not gone away so to speak, so I think the Colobrina may help. It is also good for back pain.

# 9 Arnica Gel - on the back where it hurts and when it hurts. On the foot that you hurt playing tennis, at night and in the morning and during the day too if it is painful.

He will report back in five days.

I tell you this story to demonstate in a real way how to use the kit in accidents and injury. We so often think that pain, and discomfort, and long recovery periods, are how it is. But I assure you, this is not always the case, and proper use of Hemoepathy, which has no side effects, can make the painful, less painfull, and the recovery speedier.

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