Thursday, July 18, 2013

The train engineer of the Lac-Megantic disaster investigation is emotionally "devastated" by the tragic event, his lawyer says.

MONTREAL - The train engineer at the centre of the Lac-Megantic disaster investigation is emotionally "devastated" by the tragic event, his lawyer says.
Tom Harding has vanished from public sight and his lawyer's comments Tuesday shed some light on how he has responded to the tragedy.
Lawyer Thomas Walsh said his client has been staying at an undisclosed location in the province, on his advice, to avoid the constant barrage of journalists at his Eastern Townships home.
Walsh said he's hoping to get Harding some psychological help.
He said the last 10 days have been difficult for everyone affected by the train derailment — including his client, who was at the helm of the train hours before it destroyed part of Lac-Megantic.
"I used the word 'devastated' and I think that's one word that's applicable, but he's very, very low," Walsh said from his Sherbrooke, Que. offices.
"We're looking to organize something to see if he can meet with someone more professional."
Harding's role is a central question in ongoing investigations into the tragedy; his own company called him a hero one day, then announced the next that he had been suspended amid concerns about his role in the disaster.
He is also named as one of the defendants in an attempted class-action suit.
One key question is whether the veteran railman applied the appropriate number of hand-brakes before ending his shift for the night.
Walsh said Harding has been co-operating fully with authorities and has given his version to authorities investigating the event.
"He was interviewed for a long period of time by the Surete du Quebec (police) and by the safety investigators from Transport Canada last week," Walsh said.
The lawyer said Harding has not been arrested and hasn't been charged with any crime stemming from the accident.
As such, there are no legal conditions placed on his client.
Edward Burkhardt, the head of the rail company, had told reporters last week that his engineer was under "police control" as the subject of a criminal investigation.
"Nothing (of the sort)," Walsh said Tuesday in response to that statement.  I think the remedies in my pocket pack can go a long way to healing this man; helping him come to terms with it all.  He is not a drinker and has done the run many times.  They think a small oil problem dripping caused the fire that the firemen put out.  Some of the spitting oil may have gotten on the track.  One inch of movement can start the whole thing moving as it was on a grade.  I enclose my magazine and the contents of the Pocket Pack.  In the magazine Homeopathy and us are testimonials and understandings of each of the remedies.  In the content of the Pocket Pack Index there is much information about each remedy and first of all clear technical information written by a Homeopath; Delia Pettit.    Go to Products and then Pocket Pack.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Allergies and what causes dis-ease and disease.

Today I took pictures of my garden as it is Canada Day.  Later I was talking to a woman about Rag Weed which causes allergies and Golden Rod which does not cause allergies but does looks beautiful in the sunlight.
She told me that for years she had allergies every spring and they suddenly went away one year and never came back.  I asked her what happened that made her allergy depart.  She said it was the year she got her divorce.
A  dis-ease causing a disease as so many do.  It is a clean object lesson that many of our chronic ailments are mind driven.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

14 Reviews of me, the bees and cancer and a few words from me too.

MBC Trailer V3 from Jim Donovan on Vimeo.

me, the bees and cancer has two more showings Wed. at 7 and Thurs. at 9.30.  It has been a fine time for me to stretch my wings and get to listen and talk to strangers.  It has also garnered me 14 review so far and most are supportive of the movie, its content and direction and me too.    Enjoy!!!

Rating: 3/5
"...the film unfolds as a clear-eyed and even-handed assessment of the value of alternative medicine." - Adam Nayman
June 21-23, 2013

The Globe and Mail Online
Rating: 1/5
"That makes his film essentially an eccentric home movie promoting dubious alternative-medical advice." - Liam Lacey
June 21, 2013

NOW Toronto
Rating: 3/5
"Charming and eloquent, he finds fresh ways to communicate the confusion cancer causes and the inadequacy of established medicine." - Radheyan Simonpillai
June 20-27, 2013

The Grid
Rating: 6/10
"Whether or not viewers share Board’s enthusiasm for this, they may still enjoy his company." - Jason Anderson
June 19, 2013

Film Corner with Greg Klymkiw
Rating: 3.5/5
"...sit back and prepare yourself for one of the strangest, creepiest documentaries you'll have seen in quite some time - and, for that matter, an illuminating work that will generate more questions and discussion." - Greg Klymkiw
June 23, 2013

The Star
"While Board says some have called him brave and heroic, he brushes that off and talks about his therapy with typical good humour." - Linda Barnard

Toronto Film Scene
"It’s entirely entertaining due to Board’s good-natured personality and enthusiasm for his subject matter, but it also works as a starter guide for anyone who’s ever considered looking at alternative forms of medicine." - Kristal Cooper
June 20, 2013

Dork Shelf
"His treatments look painful and labour intensive, but the film places the focus squarely on staying positive, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that." - Andrew Parker
June 19, 2013

Press Plus 1
"Board introduces us to a counter-culture that prefers to be outside of the medical system and often with great results." - Kindah Mardam Bey
June 21, 2013

Shannon Kelly
Rating: 3.5/5
"There is something quite valuable to be learned from this documentary. The utmost important thing he teaches us is to Question everything!" - Shannon Kelly

Rating: 5/10
"It's certainly not essential viewing for everyone, but Board's bravery should prove a valuable case study for those looking to re-evaluate how we treat our flesh vessels." - Scott A. Gray
June 21, 2013

Northern Stars
"Cheerfully he self-administers up to 20 bee stings a day, a routine that’s as fascinating as it is painful to watch." - Wyndham Wise
June 20, 2013

The Film Reel
"...there’s no mistaking that John is a wonderful person, and he’s created a film from his heart, allowing us to take part in a journey that is difficult for him to face."

National Post
Rating: .5/4
"It’s a testament to the profound, sordid depths of the Internet that the promotional rap music video John Board sandwiches around his alternative therapy documentary hasn’t already gone viral." - David Berry
June 21, 13

trailer Me the bees and cancer.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Opening Night "the bees and cancer

The opening of "me the bees and cancer" was a fine event. Some great questions. More than entertainment and yet... You listen, you laugh, you wonder, you wince. It is an adventure and in the end you decide what it means to you. Come when you can. I will attend all the shows.

Saturday 20...13-06-22 7:00 PM

Sunday 2013-06-23 4:30 PM        
Sunday 2013-06-23 9:30 PM

Wednesday 2013-06-26 7:00 PM

Thursday 2013-06-27 9:30 PM

NOW magazine review.
Last year the Toronto Film Critics Association awarded local filmmaker Ingrid Veninger their $5,000 Jay Scott Prize for an emerging artist. She decided to divvy up the proceeds five ways with local filmmakers who could each produce a feature for $1,000.
Me, The Bees And Cancer is among the fruits of Veninger’s generosity. Co-director/co-producer John Board makes the most of that humble budget, documenting his own battle with lymphoma and his unorthodox method of dealing with it.
Faced with what he sees as traditional medicine’s uninformed and experimental therapies, Board decides to go the homeopathic route. This involves maintaining a bee colony in his backyard (I can’t imagine what the neighbours said) and being stung 30 times every other day, a sight that will make you cringe while you appreciate the courage it takes to undergo such a treatment.
The film is just a series of talking heads, but Board holds our attention. Charming and eloquent, he finds fresh ways to communicate the confusion cancer causes and the inadequacy of established medicine. Wait till you see his Slick Rick-style rap video.
He also owns up to his own comical contradictions, like advocating for a healthy lifestyle while refusing to quit smoking. If Board kicked that habit, he could probably afford to make a few more docs.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


ABUSE is awesome for it creates an environment in the victim: this environment can be antagonistic and/or servile: the antagonistic type may be a fighter feeling he or she can outrun the abuser, and blame themselves when caught and the servile type may serve so as
to not get any punishments.

The abused carries both environments in their memory; flee, blame themselves or be servile. 

This becomes and is then the way the abused life is defined.

The person themselves become self abusing and this demonstrates itself clearly in self blame (low esteem) or perfectionism so the person feels safe. This impedes ones ability to fulfill a useful life. It does not have the energy or bravery to move beyond self safety; Often they will not be able to fulfill themselves for 'abuse of self' rules and every action obeys that rule.

Abuse of the child has a long arm but one can train the mind to look more lovingly at self and in that way move away from self abusing in all its manifestations. Being aware and responding over and over until a new and more fulfilling life can be accomplished.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Understanding the Pocket Pack for the effects of illnesses and the side effects of medications.

Understanding the Pocket Pack for the effects of illnesses and the side effects of medications.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Ill with Cancer and dealing with it.

Food - all organic, no bread, no dairy, little fruit(cancer loves sugar) no sugar.
Diet- Make almond milk drink with cacao and Xyla (Xylytol chemical sweetener)
Smoothie - make in the morning and drink all day.  Made with parsley, apple, bee pollen,
propolis, left over rice with quinoa, amarenth, bok choy, celery, chard, almond pulp, walnuts,
hazelnuts, Flax Oil, omega 3 oil  or variations of above.  Make about 4 cups and it gives me great energy and seems to keep me balanced.
Evening meal - fish or venison or moose or beef plus potato, carrot, mushrooms and onion with garlic.
Supplements - Vit Bs,B12 plus Folic acid C, D, E.  Magnesium and baking soda.
Homeopathy - Hyoscyamus Niger 1M, Rhopakraus 30C
Flower remedy - Pine, hornbeam, Elm, Gentian

I am about to embark on a regimin of Cannabis juice high in CBD and not THC taken an ounce or so three times a day.  Cannabinoids are in all of us and it is a system that becomes dysfunctional in some.  Every cancer cell has receptors for cannabinoids and if they enter they kill the cell.  I will see if that is true.  Great advantage having the offending lymph nodes under my arm and every morning when I shower I can feel them and the area around and tell if it is larger or smaller, more swollen or not.

Monday, May 13, 2013

How to Make Almond Milk. - Easy to do.

A mother's day gift to the healthy. Making almond milk. Start with one cup of organic almonds. Soak overnight or at least one hour, Drain, osterize with 4 cups of water. Put through cheese cloth, nut bag or fine sieve. Put pulp back in machine with 1 1/2 cups water. Pulp and repeat process. Milk is done. Add Vanilla if you want. Tastes like almond milk but has no binders and it fresh. Makes me a great cup of Cacao. I add the pulp to my oatmeal so nothing goes to waste. 


Friday, May 10, 2013

An Invitation to the Premiere 

me, the Bees and Cancer

                                                      in support of

                                            the Actors Fund of Canada

A few months ago I was suddenly in a financial emergency mode.  I went to the Actors Fund of Canada, a lifeline for the Entertainment industry.
They helped.

With the official opening of my Documentary Feature, Me, the Bees and Cancer on  May 31st at 7 PM at the Royal Cinema, I now have the opportunity to make the Premiere a Benefit for the Actors Fund, knowing that others in urgent need will find their support.

We’re seeking support through sponsors who will be recognized on the film and in the Program for the event:
   a $1,000 Donor will receive 10 tickets plus 2 Hollywood Survival Kit Pocket Packs.
   a $500 Donor will receive 5 tickets plus 1 Hollywood Survival Kit Pocket Pack
   a $200 Donor will receive 2 tickets.
   a $100 Donor will receive 1 ticket.

   Donors in order to get a tax receipt can make their donation on line directly to the Actor’s Fund and in the note area at the bottom of the page just add “me, the bees and cancer” and I will then reserve tickets in your name,  If you don't want tickets but want to donate then please do and say so at the bottom of the page and get your tax receipt. 
Alternately you can make a check payable to the Actors Fund and send it directly to me then I will send it on for your tax receipt and reserve tickets in your name. 
John Board, 37 Sussex Ave. Toronto On M5S 1J6

   Blocks of tickets are available through me at the above address or,  
   My email contact

   At the door the tickets for the opening night Benefit are $20.00

   General admission for the run is $10.00

   At present you can see the Royal Cinema page on our film and in a few days it will have its times of screenings and where to reserve tickets.

Up to 400 people will be able to attend the Premiere at The Royal Theatre, 608 College St., Toronto.  Let’s fill the Theatre knowing that The Actors Fund will receive 50% of the proceeds from all tickets and 90% of the Donor Revenue.

ts evening on a rainy day. The lilies of the Valley are tall and the tulips about to leave. A rainy day!!! Fresh air!!  There are patches of golden rod too and the rest of the green are the Jerusalem Artichokes that bloom in the fall.  To the left unseen is the rhubarb with its leave spreading almost 2 feet and opening to soak up the sun and rain.  Peaceful and powerful too.  Full of life.  And we the observers.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In the Hurry of living I have forgotten how.

I no longer know about others as I rush through my life trying to do things that are difficult to do and not able to organize my space and computer world and all the myriad of details that I must attend to. I find it daunting and sometimes just want to give up my efforts to stay on the high road I have been on. I keep thinking there are people out there who want to know about other ways of healing themselves. Ways that are gentle, effective and without side effects but I am beginning to wonder if that is really so. If it is so I cannot seem to reach them, not with my wonderful Pocket Pack, and now I wonder if my own community will even come to see the film I made. If they will attend the benefit, the opening of my public run at the Royal Cinema. I so want to raise some money for the Actors Fund. It is a worthwhile venture and so many in the entertainment industry utilize the fund as I did. A haven in a rough sea worth donating money to. But I wonder if I will be successful at even that. I am discouraged by my life although it is as productive as I can make it. I just don't have it together enough to succeed it would seem. It is my inner personality that is not rising to the job. I know that and there is not much more to say than that. This does not mean I will not stay the course but it is not as a late bloomer but rather as a rose too long in the vase with faded petals and only a memory of beauty that once was. Ugh. Having cancer takes time mostly just to eat enough to keep my weight up and give my body enough nutrients to keep me on an even keel. My creative work on scripts and with creative people is still strong and I think useful to those who I am working with but I do not know. How does one ever know what is right and wrong other than at the moment of doing? Maybe tomorrow will be a better day and I will accomplish some of the work I want to do to keep myself afloat in this mood so many years in the making.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Call TO Arms

As our elected rulers in the sham of democracy lead us more and more in the wrong direction in every part of our existence, the enlightened populous, and I take it that most who read this are enlightened, have begun to take back their lives and go in saner directions. We have begun to recognize the errors of the rulers and are doing what we can to moderate and modify our lives in every way. We have begun to be more modest, living inside our personal wealth more. We are eating better and the farmers who are growing organic food are hard pressed to keep us supplied with cleaner food. The gyms are fuller as people start to care for themselves. In health we are seeing more people using alternative medicines and living healthier life styles. It is the obligation for each of the enlightened to encourage the others to better themselves in these ways. The entertainment community is by and large more aware of this than any other group in the working society. It is to a large extent why California is the leader for change to healthier living so often. It is why the famous lend their support to positive action against war and the many wrong directions of our rulers. My responsibility is clear in making my Pocket Pack and selling it as cheaply as possible; for the more I sell, the more I can give away to people waking up. I made my documentary, “me, the bees and cancer” so that I could show it and talk about other ways of healing and encourage people to take charge of their lives for the better. I am clear in creating a magazine that is called “Homeopathy and Us” for people to trade stories of their successful use of Homeopathy. It is right that the magazine is free so that the curious can begin to know that there are other safer ways to deal with health problems. It is my part in the education process that is going on in every direction to bring us into being better and more useful people. Each of us has an inner obligation to show by example how to deal with life in a better more humanistic way. Each of us can teach our children, our friends and our community what we ourselves know through our actions to support what we know. We are richer than the richest billionaire for we have the power of knowledge. Every Pocket Pack that reaches beyond those who know it is a tool for reform. Every person who buys two and gives one to a friend or strangers is giving a powerhouse of proof to that person. I encourage you all to think on this and whether it is inviting friends to partake of a meal of clean food or joining you in exercise or using gentle Homeopathy for illnesses, you are being a force for change. Our society needs your help to move to a better place. You can make a difference.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My life and challenge...

It is a beautiful fall morning and the breeze is rustling in the trees and is warm. The word challenge seems to dominate my life. First there was and is the challenge of cancer. It is ongoing as I try to rid myself of it through the various efforts of good food, good supplement support and healthy living. The bee stings were daunting and some painful and were a big challenge to use this as a means of healing. I ended up stinging myself over 1200 times. The 1K Wave Challenge which I was one of the winners of had a budget ceiling of $1000 and a filming to be finished by the end of July. It was taken on with much trepidation but I have persevered and on Friday night, 2 days from now we shall see how I did with it. My next challenge is upon me now. I have had a goal over the last 10 years to bring Homeopathy into as many lives as possible. To raise the awareness of this successful and safe way of dealing with illness. The Hollywood Survival Kit was in production and selling for 4 years but it was too expensive to make and to buy so I was advised to make a smaller Pocket Pack that was less expensive for people to buy and was therefore and effective way to introduce Homeopathy to people.. The Pocket Pack was first issued in 2007 and indeed it is a wonderful introduction for people as it has remedies almost all of us need from time to time. For stress, anxiety, colds, sprains, toothaches, headaches and sleeplessness to mention a few of the the conditions it deals with. My challenge now is to sell 500 Pocket packs before the year is over. Here is why. It all happened at the beginning of September when my supplier of the remedies BJain said that they could now supply my remedies for the Pocket Pack from their new laboratories in India. BJain is perhaps the largest publisher of Homeopathic books in the world and are tireless in their efforts to expand the use of Homeopathy world wide. Their Canadian Manager Yves Lavoie, a fine homeopath himself, has known me since he was at Dolisos who supplied the first Hollywood Survival Kit with remedies. It was on September 27th at a meeting in downtown Toronto when they said they could supply my Pocket Pack with product by the 1st of December. I signed the contracts and have taken the challenge to live by it. They broke the payments down to reasonable for the 1000 that I felt I needed to really launch the kit. All my efforts to create this launch of the Pocket Pack have taken place in the last two weeks. My financial obligations to do this has to be met by selling Pocket Packs as I have no bank roll to pay for it. I have to find 100 people who can understand my quest and will support it by buying Pocket Packs before October 15th when my first payments are due. Another 100 Pocket Packs must be sold by November 15th to meet the next payment. It is a challenge and I am rising to it. I want to reach the public. I will use as my marketing to the public a free magazine called "Homeopathy and US, that will be at Toronto health food stores by mid November if I can raise the $1000 to publish the first issue. It is already written. It will be for people like you and I who use Homeopathy and are willing to share their experiences. People who will write testimonials to share with the public. Homeopathy is a peoples medicine and I am sure it will grow as more and more people read the testimonials and buy the Pocket Pack and discover that Homeopathic remedies are successful. That they have no side effects is a great plus for even herbal remedies have side effects. My life is full of challenge and I rise to each as best I can. I have gone forward with the launch of the Pocket Pack at this time as I feel my old and new friends and those I reach will buy the Pocket Pack and use it to deal with everyday health problems that we all share. On the 12th I will see my film for the first time with an audience and know how well I dealt with the !KWave challenge to make a feature documentary for $1000. I will also begin
my next challenge to sell 100 Pocket Packs by October 15th.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mid month of my documentary on bee sting therapy

Today is the 15th and on the first of July I started to document my progress using bee stings to see how my lymphoma would react. I am not up to 490 stings as I began in late May to do the therapy. 20 stings under my arm every other day and 3 in the centre top of my head. Ouch I can say for sure. The tumour has not gone down but the area seems to be changing. I have cut dairy out of my diet. I am taking one or more tablespoons of sauerkraut every day for my digestive system. I am eating some haddock and halibut fresh from the ocean which I buy at the farmers market. It comes by FedX and tastes so good it is hard to believe. I also do a meal of chicken breast every week. This week I added fresh sweet white turnips and more shitake mushrooms. I will be adding some sea weed soon. My diet supports me very well and with the supplements I have the feeling I am healthy but not well due to the cancer. I drink no or very little coffee at all. My major hurdle is my smoking and although I stopped at the beginning of the month I find myself puffing away again for no really good reason. It is that problem which I feel is standing in the way of my healing so I am dealing with it as best I can. Every day at a time.