Friday, May 10, 2013

An Invitation to the Premiere 

me, the Bees and Cancer

                                                      in support of

                                            the Actors Fund of Canada

A few months ago I was suddenly in a financial emergency mode.  I went to the Actors Fund of Canada, a lifeline for the Entertainment industry.
They helped.

With the official opening of my Documentary Feature, Me, the Bees and Cancer on  May 31st at 7 PM at the Royal Cinema, I now have the opportunity to make the Premiere a Benefit for the Actors Fund, knowing that others in urgent need will find their support.

We’re seeking support through sponsors who will be recognized on the film and in the Program for the event:
   a $1,000 Donor will receive 10 tickets plus 2 Hollywood Survival Kit Pocket Packs.
   a $500 Donor will receive 5 tickets plus 1 Hollywood Survival Kit Pocket Pack
   a $200 Donor will receive 2 tickets.
   a $100 Donor will receive 1 ticket.

   Donors in order to get a tax receipt can make their donation on line directly to the Actor’s Fund and in the note area at the bottom of the page just add “me, the bees and cancer” and I will then reserve tickets in your name,  If you don't want tickets but want to donate then please do and say so at the bottom of the page and get your tax receipt. 
Alternately you can make a check payable to the Actors Fund and send it directly to me then I will send it on for your tax receipt and reserve tickets in your name. 
John Board, 37 Sussex Ave. Toronto On M5S 1J6

   Blocks of tickets are available through me at the above address or,  
   My email contact

   At the door the tickets for the opening night Benefit are $20.00

   General admission for the run is $10.00

   At present you can see the Royal Cinema page on our film and in a few days it will have its times of screenings and where to reserve tickets.

Up to 400 people will be able to attend the Premiere at The Royal Theatre, 608 College St., Toronto.  Let’s fill the Theatre knowing that The Actors Fund will receive 50% of the proceeds from all tickets and 90% of the Donor Revenue.

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