Friday, May 31, 2013

Ill with Cancer and dealing with it.

Food - all organic, no bread, no dairy, little fruit(cancer loves sugar) no sugar.
Diet- Make almond milk drink with cacao and Xyla (Xylytol chemical sweetener)
Smoothie - make in the morning and drink all day.  Made with parsley, apple, bee pollen,
propolis, left over rice with quinoa, amarenth, bok choy, celery, chard, almond pulp, walnuts,
hazelnuts, Flax Oil, omega 3 oil  or variations of above.  Make about 4 cups and it gives me great energy and seems to keep me balanced.
Evening meal - fish or venison or moose or beef plus potato, carrot, mushrooms and onion with garlic.
Supplements - Vit Bs,B12 plus Folic acid C, D, E.  Magnesium and baking soda.
Homeopathy - Hyoscyamus Niger 1M, Rhopakraus 30C
Flower remedy - Pine, hornbeam, Elm, Gentian

I am about to embark on a regimin of Cannabis juice high in CBD and not THC taken an ounce or so three times a day.  Cannabinoids are in all of us and it is a system that becomes dysfunctional in some.  Every cancer cell has receptors for cannabinoids and if they enter they kill the cell.  I will see if that is true.  Great advantage having the offending lymph nodes under my arm and every morning when I shower I can feel them and the area around and tell if it is larger or smaller, more swollen or not.

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