Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh Dear? I am supposed to be losing my marbles!!!

This is from an article on Third Age.

Brain ability peaks at age 22 and mental powers begin to dwindle at age 27, Virginia University researchers found.

Professor Timothy Salthouse found reasoning, speed of thought and spatial visualization all decline beginning in the late 20s, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported.

Therapies designed to stall or reverse the aging process may need to start much earlier than middle age, Salthouse said.

To test mental agility, Salthouse had 2,000 healthy people ages 18-60 solve puzzles, recall words and story details and spot patterns in letters and symbols.

The researchers found that the first marked decline was at age 27 in tests of brain speed, reasoning and visual puzzle-solving ability. However, memory stayed intact until age 37, while abilities based on accumulated knowledge, such as performance on tests of vocabulary or general information, increased until age 60.

So I guess I had too much in my head for I have increased my abilities in all the directions since 60. Oh well we all turn to dust and what we are like when we move on is really just the way we are despite the research.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A spring thought

It is a beautiful day outside and warming towards spring. Soon my lone crocus will pop its pale purple petals out and the vibrant orange scepter will shine brightly in the sun carefully shielded from the wind. How beautiful to wait for beauty known and understood.

Monday, March 16, 2009

How is this to lose the last 10 pounds

My brother the bee keeper has a great formula for the last 10 pounds. Get local unpasteurized honey as close to raw as possible. Raw means the honey is just allowed to drip from the frames and not spun. But to go on. Take one teaspoon a half hour before bed. Leave it in the mouth as long as possible so parts are absorbed by the mouth.

This does two things one is to make your digestion better and more complete during the cycle just after sleep begins and rests the liver as honey translates easily into body useful stuff.

I do not understand words like metabolism deeply or maybe at all. I dwell in a world of logic.

Practice the one bite less concept. It is easy and painless. Always have one less - spoon,- slice,-piece,-dollop, of everything except water. Spring water or good well water is probably within range. Have double your water intake. It helps all the flushing of toxins.

Practice walking. Just walking. Whenever you can walk. Make walking a challenge. I go back to the washroom to pick up this or that anything to encourage me to move. I exercise my arms and hands cleaning up more after others. I go up to the third floor office and down to the main floor many times a day so when you can do it with walking, do it with walking.

If in a school walk the halls every hour or so. If you can ride a bike and it is flat then ride to work but that is probably not an option. Maybe to a nearby town if not too far and you like cycling. Read on a treadmill. You can set it slow or fast.

Remember that the mind is devious and will find a reason why not for everything so you have to trick it somewhat by putting the first idea into your head when action occurs how can I use it best to exercise my body that I loooove soooo much.

Ah I loved waking up at 5 and after a shower go to the main hall at Kripalu and stretch and wake up and do yoga and meditate. There is no you but rather the sensation of complete pleasure to myself. I am so bad. I immediately thought of wanting more than that and thought of women. How ordinary but real. Weigh yourself after you read this letter. Naked and correct if you can see over your belly. Just a small joke. Belly.

Do two morning breathing exercises. One is alternate nostril breathing. You can Google it on You Tube. and stomach pumping also on You Tube. I will explain in words and hate you if you already know this.

Standing legs comfortably apart bend at the waist and let my arms hang down. I try to relax a moment. I then breath in a modestly large inhale until my arms are raised high and my fingers stretched up. I hold my breath and seal my nose with my thumb and baby finger and then I breathe out releasing alternate nostrils a bit at a time until the lungs are empty. Still holding the breath I bend at the waist putting my hands on my knees. Then I pull up my stomach and then pump in and out with my belly muscles. It is awkward at first possibly as the body is really learning a new way of moving. 8 pumps are enough. I have done less and more and prefer to push gently toward more to get the day going. I is fabulous for if you do that for say 8 cycles complete you are refilling your lungs slowly and fully. The last act is taking your hands off your knees and letting them rotate up like a swimmer at the start line and now slowly and with as much awareness as possible breath in as full a breath as you can. You will learn how much by doing.

Below are some pages from a Yoga Site: breathing exercises. There are lots of ways.

If you want to do the stomach pumping while sitting here is a page that tells you how.

How to hold your hand and a slower kind of alternate breathing

That is it.

I bet in a month you will have lost enough weight to impress yourself and maybe even some bystanders. To review.

1. Water!!! Water makes it all happen. Replenish, refurbish the whole.
2. honey 1 Tsp half hour before bed as directed. This may also be done at the beginning of the day.
3. Breathing exercise to fill the body with new air and practice the muscles that want waking up.
4. The rule of one less. Remember the mind is strong and will object to two but will not mind one. Love yourself.
5. The idea of movement, walking, reaching, bending, biking, every thought if translated to action is a good thought. Even in danger.

I will bet $100 that with spirit you will succeed. The last 10 pounds is a snap and at the end you will feel great!!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's all about saving money and getting healthy.

  • by Dot Martin

    Everyone wants to save money these days. Here is a suggestion that could save you starting right away –today-and give you some extra to spend on that rising dollar amount at the “pump.”

    You need to stop taking the vitamin and mineral supplements that are supposed to be making you healthy and wise. Forget the “wealthy” part. If you are drinking even one drink per day with carbonated water in it, the vitamins that you take are being washed right out of your body with ever swallow. Never mind the ones that you paid those hard earned dollars for, because included in the mix is what ever nutrients are left in your veggies, fruits and meat after they are cooked.

    We all know what drinks have carbonated water, don’t we? That would be your soft drinks, sodas, pop and includes the name brands that they often go by.

    It is no wonder to me that a large percentage of Americans are over weight starting with our children. Our food is a “waste-line”. Add to that the dirty air we breathe, chlorinated water we drink, pills we take and sugar we eat, how does anyone get to be 50 years of age these days?

    Well, enough of the doom and gloom. There are substitutes for the carbonated thieves.

    It is a well-known and recommended statement by the medical profession that every man, woman and child should be drinking WATER. That would be an 8 ounce glass 8 times a day. If you switch to the water, you will have little room for anything else. But tea, coffee, fruit juice and other drinks that you may prefer can be used in addition while you are drinking all that water. The money you were spending on vitamins will now be much cheaper than what you are spending on soda. I know how it feels to go thru “Coke” withdrawal. I was once a “6 packer” per day Diet Coke junkie. You don’t have to go thru rehab to recover and once they are out of your life, the addiction fades to nothing.

    Remember “Man does not live by bread alone”. Water is a vital part of life.

    Dorothy Martin is an AKC judge, approved for most of the Toy Group. She is also well versed in matters of health including homeopathy. We follow her writings in Top Notch Toys and asked her to share knowledge with our readers.

  • Friday, March 13, 2009

    Is romance science or art?

    This is the question I read in Craig list and below is the writer's thoughts.

    "Romance can be like painting a beautiful landscape. The euphoric feeling you get when you look back at it and smile as it's the most beautiful thing you ever saw, because it came from your heart and there it is in front of you like a wish manifest. In this instance, romance appears to be more like art.

    But how would you explain love at first sight? Couples who have been happily married for half a century after falling in love when they first met? In this instance, romance appears to be more like science.

    I do know that romance is an incredible opportunity for expression. It's an electric current that shocks then returns to hit you as well.. It's the swiftest form of good karma available."

    This is what I read and thought about for a bit. Here is what I wrote in reply

    I have thought about your question on and off all morning. Is Romance Science or Art. Science can be measured so romance is not science. Art is therefore where Romance must live for in both we have the senses: ourselves, our very natures.

    On the other hand: The body is all about physics first - energy - its infinite possibilities married to bring form and content to everything and you and I. So the idea of vibrations has to play. Falling in love at first sight is a communion of sympathetic vibrations. We talk about "Being in sync" "on the same vibes" but we often fail to give them their literal value which is their value of reality. So a union of 50 years is very possible. After all I am a union of 74 + years and still joined together in a remarkable package. It defies my every day by constantly exciting me. I am adding good energy in everything I am involved in presently. So I can understand union at this energy level. So then we can say it is a Science as well as an Art. I stand corrected.

    I look forward to your thoughts in response.