Friday, March 13, 2009

Is romance science or art?

This is the question I read in Craig list and below is the writer's thoughts.

"Romance can be like painting a beautiful landscape. The euphoric feeling you get when you look back at it and smile as it's the most beautiful thing you ever saw, because it came from your heart and there it is in front of you like a wish manifest. In this instance, romance appears to be more like art.

But how would you explain love at first sight? Couples who have been happily married for half a century after falling in love when they first met? In this instance, romance appears to be more like science.

I do know that romance is an incredible opportunity for expression. It's an electric current that shocks then returns to hit you as well.. It's the swiftest form of good karma available."

This is what I read and thought about for a bit. Here is what I wrote in reply

I have thought about your question on and off all morning. Is Romance Science or Art. Science can be measured so romance is not science. Art is therefore where Romance must live for in both we have the senses: ourselves, our very natures.

On the other hand: The body is all about physics first - energy - its infinite possibilities married to bring form and content to everything and you and I. So the idea of vibrations has to play. Falling in love at first sight is a communion of sympathetic vibrations. We talk about "Being in sync" "on the same vibes" but we often fail to give them their literal value which is their value of reality. So a union of 50 years is very possible. After all I am a union of 74 + years and still joined together in a remarkable package. It defies my every day by constantly exciting me. I am adding good energy in everything I am involved in presently. So I can understand union at this energy level. So then we can say it is a Science as well as an Art. I stand corrected.

I look forward to your thoughts in response.

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