Monday, February 23, 2009


A few days ago I was introduced to FCT.
I found the reading fascinating for it claimed that all medicines, mainstream or alternative fail in the end with chronic illnesses. That we should be using physics to discover the underpinnings of the chronic illness. It made some sense and by bio- resonance testing the offending toxins could be discovered and techniques were available to get these toxins out of the body. Made sense to me.

I inquired more into FCT Field Control Therapy and the person to contact told me he was no longer using FCT but now

I do think the concepts are valid but on getting this reply it makes me also think that the system is hard to work with in some ways for having found the Toxin that is canting the system they then use Homeopathy and other things they rid you of it but then they go to the next Toxin and slowly by removing the offending Toxins the body becomes symptonless.
I am sure it is effective depending on the practitioner and his understandings of both his machine for testing and what it is saying and then what to give to move the body to a better place.
We are complex entities you and I and everyone else.

When I was a teenager I was hitchhiking from Toronto to Hamilton. I was picked up by a minister I thought. He told me that he had been a protestant Minister but now had got it all sorted out and was a Catholic Priest. I held my tongue as long as I could but just had to reply, "I hope you keep looking."

I think that the ideas I read are correct but the execution of the ideas are still being perfected. Still worth a closer examination and if I had many chronic illnesses that were bothering me I would give it a shot - perhaps. All depends on the healer.

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