Thursday, June 20, 2013


ABUSE is awesome for it creates an environment in the victim: this environment can be antagonistic and/or servile: the antagonistic type may be a fighter feeling he or she can outrun the abuser, and blame themselves when caught and the servile type may serve so as
to not get any punishments.

The abused carries both environments in their memory; flee, blame themselves or be servile. 

This becomes and is then the way the abused life is defined.

The person themselves become self abusing and this demonstrates itself clearly in self blame (low esteem) or perfectionism so the person feels safe. This impedes ones ability to fulfill a useful life. It does not have the energy or bravery to move beyond self safety; Often they will not be able to fulfill themselves for 'abuse of self' rules and every action obeys that rule.

Abuse of the child has a long arm but one can train the mind to look more lovingly at self and in that way move away from self abusing in all its manifestations. Being aware and responding over and over until a new and more fulfilling life can be accomplished.

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