Monday, October 22, 2012

A Call TO Arms

As our elected rulers in the sham of democracy lead us more and more in the wrong direction in every part of our existence, the enlightened populous, and I take it that most who read this are enlightened, have begun to take back their lives and go in saner directions. We have begun to recognize the errors of the rulers and are doing what we can to moderate and modify our lives in every way. We have begun to be more modest, living inside our personal wealth more. We are eating better and the farmers who are growing organic food are hard pressed to keep us supplied with cleaner food. The gyms are fuller as people start to care for themselves. In health we are seeing more people using alternative medicines and living healthier life styles. It is the obligation for each of the enlightened to encourage the others to better themselves in these ways. The entertainment community is by and large more aware of this than any other group in the working society. It is to a large extent why California is the leader for change to healthier living so often. It is why the famous lend their support to positive action against war and the many wrong directions of our rulers. My responsibility is clear in making my Pocket Pack and selling it as cheaply as possible; for the more I sell, the more I can give away to people waking up. I made my documentary, “me, the bees and cancer” so that I could show it and talk about other ways of healing and encourage people to take charge of their lives for the better. I am clear in creating a magazine that is called “Homeopathy and Us” for people to trade stories of their successful use of Homeopathy. It is right that the magazine is free so that the curious can begin to know that there are other safer ways to deal with health problems. It is my part in the education process that is going on in every direction to bring us into being better and more useful people. Each of us has an inner obligation to show by example how to deal with life in a better more humanistic way. Each of us can teach our children, our friends and our community what we ourselves know through our actions to support what we know. We are richer than the richest billionaire for we have the power of knowledge. Every Pocket Pack that reaches beyond those who know it is a tool for reform. Every person who buys two and gives one to a friend or strangers is giving a powerhouse of proof to that person. I encourage you all to think on this and whether it is inviting friends to partake of a meal of clean food or joining you in exercise or using gentle Homeopathy for illnesses, you are being a force for change. Our society needs your help to move to a better place. You can make a difference.

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