Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hahnemann Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies and my thoughts

I was in the shower and began to think about how they interrelate. I really started with Arnica and Bach Rescue Remedy. Homeopathy diagnoses using physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Bach really deals with mental and emotional symptoms.
In acute situations Homeopathy is peerless. In emotional turmoil the Rescue Remedy is peerless.
I opine in chronics that it is a bit different for there the Homeopathic remedies are working with more symptoms directly.
I realize that if all disease and dis-ease are caused by a mental, spiritual split then we should be using it long before we see physical symptoms. Dis-ease, out of sorts. Lets examine my idea. It really starts at the beginning.

The trauma of birth, the shocks of light and sound and air. The using of the lungs. The fussy or angry or weepy or lethargic or frightened child, the slow toddler, the antisocial younger brother, the picked on student and we could go on with these emotional and mental space we get ourselves into for a long time. These are all the forerunners, dis-ease and they cause disease. Not all disease nor all genetic problems but the arthritis, asthma, and eczema to name common ones even medicine recognizes the psychological factors in the management of them. Using Bach flowers for the different mental, emotional stresses, can create in us a state that will avoid illnesses of many kinds.

Bach believed that the mind spirit rift when healed would eliminate disease in the body therefore if we pay early attention to the emotional problems large and small we will reduce if not eliminate more serious problems. this is true throughout life and certainly in my later life I find the flower remedies true to their promises. Fears of all kinds, tensions that drive us mad, situations that seem hopeless, feelings of insecurity are all problems that I have quickly cleared up using flower remedies. They are awesome.

With proper diet, exercise and rest our physical body can do all its own work to maintain our muscles and rest for our systems.
Homeopathy takes care of our acute situations and Bach really is a defense of all our emotional situations from birth to death.

We inherit a starting point from our parents - life. It is a collection of the two people who begat you. From there we grow and how we are handled at the beginning and then how we handle the realities of being human is what we become. We are the creators and what we believe we create and become. It plays out in every way. Without a cognizant mind we grope no better than a one cell creature.

Life is what we make it. How we think and about what. How we deal with the physical and emotional stress of being alive. We are alive and in charge. Both Bach and Hahnemann have added immensely to our abilities to care for ourselves with remedies that have no side effects and support the body to heal itself

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