Thursday, December 4, 2008

A sad day for real Democracy with rules.

I am hugely disappointed that we will have to wait almost 2 months for a change of Government and the Gov Gen. decided to give the conservatives a break and suspend parliament. Prorogation ends a parliamentary session and allows the government to start again at a later date with a fresh throne speech. It typically happens when a government has exhausted its legislative agenda, not before it's even begun. How can this happen except through powerful forces swaying the Governor General. Are all her advisers in the same camp?

It is interesting to note here that the papers and media slammed Dion on his camera and some minor focus problems and perhaps too that a couple of times he stumbled. They did not comment on his words which were very reassuring. He would make a great leader I believe but the money men are against him. It is obvious in the slant of the criticism and the calls of it being undemocratic plus the calls to fear of chaos and not the issues of a failed minority at all.

We will see how hard the coalition can fight to either get great programs or bring the government down in this next little while and once the new budget is released. The coalition have the upper hand but only if the people respond and support them.
The people, the 65% of the population can win this way If the Government does fall the other parties will rise higher in the next election and make even a stronger coalition.

We need consensus and not conflict in our political world. We have to somehow redirect our energies to get government and our economy back to the people and away from the powers of money that are manipulating us.

Count the dollars spent and the coffers of the Conservative party. They are supported to rule and can win no matter how bad and we see this in the Pharmaceutical power block as well, in their similar ad campaigns that spread fear of change and their ability to hoodwink the public. The Pharmaceutical subvert the media through the millions they pour into it in ads. The money men own the media and are pleased as it all makes money. Our fight has to be on You Tube and in the public web media that they do not control. So membership in Face Book and My Space groups are important and necessary. If we are active we will win.

Onward and upward!
Prevail with purpose!

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