Thursday, June 8, 2006

A letter worth receiving

Hello John,

I was given the wonderful gift of your kit by friends of mine in Toronto. I
noticed theirs when I was visiting and thought it was fabulous. I had
intended to buy one - but then it was given to me instead. I have enjoyed
using it and feel it has kept me healthy this year and most aches and pains
at bay. I'm in awe, as I type this, of the huge bruise I got today virtually
disappearing before my eyes with the arnica gel!

I have been perusing your website and I'm glad to see I can order online -
I know what everyone is getting for their birthday this year.

Judi Patson
even DESIGN inc.
+1 (604) 732-7248

it is nice to see the kit appreciated. The #7 remedy Ledum is also great for heavy bruises. It is ofen used in conjunction with Arnica gel and globules where the bruising is bad and ice has been used to take down the swelling. I have it in my kit because this and its use for bad sprains, insect (bee stings, spider bites, mosquito bites) and animal bites.

Have a look at Judi's web site and see some lovely jewelry.

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