Sunday, June 4, 2006

A gift well received and used too

The house warming was fun. It rained and so we all spent time inside meetng each other. Dancers and business people and relatives. The prize of the day was the forms the new owners had neatly laid out; questions about the possible directions renovations or improvements could take. Everyone had ideas of how to make the house their own in every way. Flowers here, a new couch there. Hedges in front to replace the wire fence. Walls to come down and new designs for a better kitchen. It was an idea worth passing on.

The dancers eyed the kit and read the booklet. One man there was writing books about steroid use in baseball. A largish lady limped by with a wrenched knee. "I have some Arnica with me." I said and her eyes lit up. I gave her a pill and she put some arnica gel on her knee joint and boy did she smile and make oohing sounds. We talked about different Arnica creams and what to really do to help her knee.

It is interesting to find out that most people know exactly what to do to help themselves but its not always so easy to change a lifestyle habit of any sort. So often I remind myself how hard it is as I struggle with the nicotine habit. I know from one of my earlier blogs that one woman used Tromos (Bach Rescue Remedy) to keep herself emotionally steady as she gave up Praxil. It is possible to make moves like developing proper eating habits and the food we eat, or beginning to exercise, or do yoga, or take long walks to get the body healthier and the mind more at ease. We can all love ourselves more. It is possible. Try it. Enjoy the luxury of feeling better about oneself and life itself.

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