Monday, June 19, 2006

A Golf Story

David Marsh came to town this week end. He is working in St. John New Brunswick for the next few months. He does sophisticated computer programming. We intended to meet Saturday morning at 8.30. I went to his apartment overlooking the Toronto harbour and Island. He was not there. I left a kit at the front desk and wondered what had happened. It was a beautiful day and the drive down and the street car ride home were welcome.
About 11.00 I get a call. "I slept in. I didn't hear you knock. I was up too late partying with my friends. We are going to play golf at 1.00. I'll come by your house to say hello." I replied, "The kit is downstairs at the conceirge. Take #8 for your hang over".
At about 1.00 he appeared at the front door with his friend. Indeed they had all taken the Colobrina #8 and they were all amazed how good they felt. They were all smiles and laughter. His friend bought a kit. I suggested they all put a few drops of Tromos in their water bottles and see if helped them have a relaxed game went and send me the results. Here is what I got from Dave this morning.

We had a great game of golf and didn't even need to take the Tromo because
we were all so relaxed and laughed so much that we didn't need it! It was
the best round of golf I've played in awhile!

Colobrina is great for too much. I know Dave has a great wonderful energy and has close friends and the parties go on until the wee hours as they catch up with each other's busy lives. Too much and hung over the next day. But Too Much is the guiding symptom. So whenever you have had enough whether its too much computer work or too much headache or even too much cold then try it. One pill is all. Read the booklet on my site. It is a wonderful remedy.

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  1. Dave got this letter from Miriam after the golf game. Arnica sure does the trick.

    Hey Dave,

    Not only did it help our golf game, i also ended taking it for my back. This kit will come a long way at my household and thru our set of friends. You know Odd and I advertise everything we believe in thru word of mouth. Thanks for introducing us to John. Miriam