Friday, April 11, 2008

Join the army!!! Be counted.

I have joined a group: They peacefully support humane action worldwide. For Myanmar, Tibet, Zimbabwe and other situations of concern. By joining you can add your name to each petition that supports by thousands of names and become and are a real voice.

I wrote the below to add support for a clear recognition of the dangers of the large corporations and their allies.

Harsh as it sounds I have to agree with Sadun. I am in Canada doing my best to promote homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies and the created resistance to homeopathy by the medical/pharmaeceuticals is clear and continuing. I am in the midst of reading The Homeopathic Revolution by Dana Ullman.
His book is a clear history and supports your thesis completely by its contents. Remembering always that Homeopathy is cheap, safe and effective and these humane attributes make it the enemy of the medical/pharmaceutical group.
It is only through public awareness can we grow the alternate world and so like cream we must rise to the top with support from groups like Avaaz. I am very pleased you are here.


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