Friday, January 9, 2009

99% of Flu Viruses Resistant to Tamiflu: WHAT TO DO?

This was sent to me in a weekly newsletter by Homeopathic Educational Services. A great web site and a wonderful source of information. Dana Ullman who manages the site and a store and publishing house is one of the pillars of American Homeopathy.

According to the New York Times (January 8, 2008), "Virtually all the dominant strain of flu in the United States this season is resistant to the leading antiviral drug Tamiflu, and scientists and health officials are trying to figure out why." Such problems are inevitably from a questionable medical paradigm that seeks to attack microbes rather than work to strengthen the body's own immune and defense system!

Concerned about the FLU?

So are we...and our first shipment of the new version of Influenzinum has arrived!

A lot of our customers have told us that they have had great experiences using homeopathic doses of the most recent flu viruses (Influenzinum 9C) to defend against getting the flu. This medicine is homeopathic doses of 3 of the newest versions of the flu virus (according to the Pasteur Institute in Paris). The most popular protocol is to take 1 dose of this remedy every week for 4 weeks and then to take the fifth dose 30 days after the fourth dose is taken.

Effective Flu Treatment!
Make certain to have some OSCILLOCOCCINUM in your home. "Oscillo" is a homeopathic dose (200C) made from the heart and liver of a duck, and because ducks are known to be carriers of various flu viruses, it is not surprising that 3 large double-blind studies have confirmed its efficacy in the treatment of the flu. We provide a special discount for their 3-pack set as well as their 6-pack set of medicines. There IS good reason that this medicine is so popular throughout Europe and now the U.S.!

The main ingredient in Oscillococcinum is Anas Barariae 200C It is the #3 remedy in the Hollywood Survival Kit and it works a charm.

Complete New York Times article:

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