Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mid month of my documentary on bee sting therapy

Today is the 15th and on the first of July I started to document my progress using bee stings to see how my lymphoma would react. I am not up to 490 stings as I began in late May to do the therapy. 20 stings under my arm every other day and 3 in the centre top of my head. Ouch I can say for sure. The tumour has not gone down but the area seems to be changing. I have cut dairy out of my diet. I am taking one or more tablespoons of sauerkraut every day for my digestive system. I am eating some haddock and halibut fresh from the ocean which I buy at the farmers market. It comes by FedX and tastes so good it is hard to believe. I also do a meal of chicken breast every week. This week I added fresh sweet white turnips and more shitake mushrooms. I will be adding some sea weed soon. My diet supports me very well and with the supplements I have the feeling I am healthy but not well due to the cancer. I drink no or very little coffee at all. My major hurdle is my smoking and although I stopped at the beginning of the month I find myself puffing away again for no really good reason. It is that problem which I feel is standing in the way of my healing so I am dealing with it as best I can. Every day at a time.

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