Saturday, January 19, 2008

The New York Times is an alarm clock!!!

The National Institutes of Health does almost nothing to monitor the financial conflicts of university professors to whom it provides grants, and the huge federal research agency does not want to start now.

This is a very telling article and shows a certain disregard for ordinary Americans who live trusting that their best interest is being taken care of. With the news over the last years about the research reporting by large Pharmaceuticals who turn out to have on side and paid medical doctors who make these reports and who laud their products, you would imagine that any National Institute of Health that gives away many millions of dolaars would be concerned about who was in conflict. It is bad enough that we are getting lousy information about the negative realities of some of the new drugs but that we might be paying part of the bill to create this bad information is outrageous.

More and more I read in the NY Times horror stories about drugs not being what they are purported to be. They also support medicine and there is a wonderful story aobut the man who fell 48 floors and not only lived but because of great trauma medicine and technique is now being moved to a convalescence facility just 6 weeks since the accident.

I tell you this for I do not feel the Times is witch hunting as much as trying to wake up America about their health.

I too am trying to wake up America to try Homeopathy and Flower remedies for acute situations as an no side effect alternative to drugs that cause side effects and in the end create worse situations than the problem they were trying to solve. My cut line "A safe way to get better." is worth the cost of admission in an age where the human is being bombarded every minute by chemical mixtures that never existed 50 years ago. The immune system is under real attack brought on by human innovations over the last couple of hundred years. The human does not seem to recognize that the world was not put here to serve humanity but rather that humankind are just another species of equal importance. Having run rough shod over the earth and now using artificial means to attain even more plunder the human is weakening not only the whole world but also himself. We are our own executioners. I am doing my best to help people resist this downward spiral in their individual care for themselves under these negative circumstances.

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