Thursday, January 17, 2008

Positive Funk!!!

Yep! That is what I prefer to call my present state. I am getting some good work done but I am heavily addicted to my solitaire game. It is my problem and interesting to study and make efforts to realign my thinking.
I was wondering what to eat yesterday and then went for a shower and suddenly missed my old and long departed friend Brian. I wondered why and then remembered that Brian was always a person to call about supper for he cooked brilliantly and he also was somewhat lazy and great company and we liked each other so supper was always an easy question. We liked Chinese a lot over the years and Sai Woo was our favourite since the 50's. It is gone now and Garfield and Bill our friends who ran it all are now found in my memory. The food I can see too and all the people around a Sunday evening meal. Great fun. So I have good reason to miss Brian and all the company and good times we shared over many years. It is such a pleasure to have friends either alive or gone to better climes I hope. Winter is having a time of being fully recognized this year. It seems every time it gets a hold of us it does not have the strength to stay in control. I think when you get old you jam ideas together so in the case of winter I remember snow forts and snow ball fights and streets piled high with snow for weeks but was that just one year or 5? I cannot say for sure. Time and the mind collects images over time and like an album releases those called up and the identifying label is what collects the data so snow and winter calls up what is asked for. Mind is vast and so complete and my ability to access it is a continuing learning experience.

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