Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New York Times: Kidney Disease Takes a Growing Toll


It does not take a genius to realize that our poor kidneys have to process the toxins we condone and sell to put into our bodies. We are being killed. Dead. What goes in has to go out and surely our intake of bad drinks like soda pop and a plethora of drugs are the cause. When will governments wake up and get them under control. We are being addicted from a young age. What isn't on the counter screaming to be bought is a start to improving our mind sets. In Toronto cigarettes are not in view at all. Out of sight-out of mind is a first step. Campaigns that discourage people to partake of bad foods just like we do with tobacco and drugs would be good. Elimination of all Alcohol ads would be good. This is what I strive for. Health after all is paramount and good health is better than bad health and maintaining the immune system paramount in our task to be healthy. It is simple to understand and to head ourselves toward.

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