Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring has sprung - the grass is ris

I wonder where the birdies is
the bird is on the wing
but that's absurd - the wing is on the bird.

I am so happy it is now warming and I just have done a spring rake of the front garden and the tulips and hyacinths are poking up from the ground.
I have a most intresting guest staying at my house. Let me give you a bit of background. I am a member of couch surfing This means that people from around the world will get in touch with me for a place to stay while in Toronto. It is great fun and I meet all kinds of people and even have stayed with other members.
Tim Dennis came to me this way. He has circumnavigated the globe in a Toyota land cruiser for Street Kids International. Tim as a kid was not so together and this is how he can help other kids get on track. It all happened to him when he bought a Tilley hat. Inside on the label was Tilley's connection with Street Kids. Tim took it as a good omen and sold his house to raise the money for his vehicle and the travel expenses. He is now in Toronto for a few days to meet with his sponsors and go to schools to talk to students and teachers to inspire them to go for their dreams and to the streets to meet kids who need to see what was a loser as a kid fulfill his dreams and also be a useful person in society. We have had a wonderful time together exploring our similarities of intent to help people.

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