Sunday, November 4, 2007

When I go to sleep at night

I got to sleep an extra hour last night as we have moved back to Standard time. This morning,well rested and relaxed in my 3rd floor attic/office, I heard the church bells ringing the Sunday morning call to service. It is an old ritual and there is something peaceful and embracing when I hear it.
Last night in the kitchen the guys were making food and we all relished in the fact that we would have the extra hour of sleep. It seemed like such a gift especially to the others as they are young men who go out on a Saturday night. My roomers are all in their 30s and work at restaurants or bars for wages and spend their free time pursuing their more difficult goals. One is acting and one is a bass jazz guitarist who has just returned from a contract in Germany and who is recording an album. It is exciting for me as we trade stories and ways of being and doing things. I have lots of experience because I am a freelance worker in a on and off profession and so have always had other irons in the fire. Even now I make smaller films while I write and work to introduce my wares to the public. I guess I would be classed as a multi-tasker. I have a kit called the Hollywood Survival Kit and one of the remedies in it is coffea 30 c. It is great for multi-taskers who just get jangled with too much information ending up with an overactive mind. Its also great when to stop the overactive mind at bedtime when thoughts seem to impede sleep in a palpable way. I was working on "A Hole in One" in Halifax that starred Michelle Williams and Meatloaf and some very fine actors. Meatloaf is a wonderful man, full of life and energy. He has great charisma and a work ethic not to be believed. While he was on the film he was writing and had his band up and was recording and even flew to gigs on weekends. He is a good actor and has such a good memory that he can remember what he physically and emotionally did on every take. It was uncanny when we came to do close-ups and he would ask which of the wide shots was best so he could repeat the action precisely. One night we made rain outside a door for a climactic scene where he stabs someone. We had to stop after two takes as we had run out of time and the next night when we came back to do the close ups he showed us his actions for both the takes of the night before so Richard Leeds our director could choose which set of movements were best. Not too many actors can do that. One day he came into my office that was on the main floor of a deserted hospital in Dartmouth across the bridge from Halifax. He said he heard I had some stuff for sleeping. I did not have to ask much to know he could not turn his mind off and he needed his sleep. I gave him a baggie of the little pellets that look like white BBs with the instructions to take one a half hour before going to bed. The next day he came to me all happy. "That stuff really worked. I took about 5 of them and slept well."
I feigned anger and said he disrespected me by taking more than one pill as I had prescribed. I told him that it did not change anything by taking two and the whole bunch only represented one dose if he took them at once. Well, he apologized and said he would follow my directions and only take one. Two days later we spoke again and of course being me I asked what happened and he grinned and said it worked.
Homeopathy works, it seems to be a kind of vibration that goes where it is needed to get the body moving in the right direction and one pill is the same value as two. Easy to understand the idea but very hard for many to accept it.

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