Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is busy an excuse or a reason?

Here I have missed a day. I am so busy getting all the details of the manufacturing of my Pocket Pack finalized. The printing, the French pamphlet, the tube labels done, and the selling and the elation of people really loving the pack. I am also working hard on the promo for my on line book. It is going to be great fun to put together. So many things and last but not least is all the paperwork to satisfy the Health Departments on both sides of the border. So that is the reason or the excuse. I am not sure which for I did do some crosswords this morning. Two only. My mind does not give up habits easily. I know this from my past experiences. I have given up smoking twice. Once in Israel when I was in Tiberius on Yon Kipper. A beautiful silent day when from the 11th floor of the CPR (Canadian) hotel I could look across the water and see how close the Golan Heights are. You could hear children playing in the streets far below as no engines run on that special day. I was with my eldest son Jason who was on the Special Effects team. The first time he ever was in that department and now he has just finished Hulk 2 as the Effects rigging master. Wow. I had just bought a new can of Drum Tobacco and found it a bit stale and I could not find my rolling papers and so had resorted to a newspaper wrapper which when smoked tastes all chemical and horrid. I turned to my son and said, "What better day than this to give up smoking." I did from that moment for over 5 years and started again when someone gave me a Beedie(SP) from India. It is a piece of tobacco leaf with a little pink thread wound round the top to hold it together. Hah, I didn't think it was tobacco. But I got hooked. So it was a snap to stop and a snap to start again. The last time I quit was several years ago when I went to my brother Stefan's farm. Now Stefan and his wife Ann have a wonderful honey farm. Here is their web site:
Stefan was also a Ski area manager in his early days and is an awesome trainer. The Picture is stefan with my two sons, Simon and Jason who was in Israel with me. Simon worked with me too when he was younger and is now in Morocco filming on The Traitor. He is a first assistant director like me.
I was terribly out of shape and could not run up a flight of stairs without panting and I asked him to treat me like a patient recovering from a terrible sickness. He did and in one month starting by just having me go back and forth from the barn with light loads and me cutting back on food intake until I was just eating a bit of salad every day I went from ill to running a mile a day and loading concrete blocks and losing 25 pounds. On August 1st I was emotionally strong enough to say I will now quit smoking and I did for several years. It was a long month in a way, certainly much harder than quitting in Israel but I did. So there are at least two ways to quit smoking. I am again in the throes of getting strong enough emotionally to quit again for I started up on day about 4 years ago for a reason or an excuse I cannot remember now. It is an addiction no doubt about that and I will throw it off again for it does not give me a decent sum of self respect that I encourage others to have. I never think of myself as a role model but in this case maybe that will help me get the smoke monkey off my back. It is not impossible at all. I know it. It is just getting rid of the reasons and the excuses.


  1. Hi Mr. Board! I found this blog and just want to say hi. (I'm sorry for my english). :)

  2. Dear Alessia, Your English is fine. Do we know each other? I am most interested in your views of my blog.