Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Poncho's coming was a surprise.

The house already had me and three others renting rooms. We live quite happily. Tony came and asked about the small back room with its glassed in porch. 1910 style half windows about 10 x 12. Pancho had to move. Tony worked with him serving tables at the Keg and they were friends. I said for a month or two until he could find a good place and Poncho came, A thick healthy body and he came to clean the room which had not been lived in for a couple of years or more. He came up to my third floor office where I allow smoking. We talked a bit getting to know each other and his eyes were watering a and his nose running. He kept rubbing them. He was allergic it seemed. He said he was and his mother was worried that the dust in the mostly unused back room would set off an asthma attack. I said I had a pill that might help him with his allergy if he wanted it. He was trusting and said sure if you think it will help. Alium Cepa is what I gave him. He was in awe a few hours later having waded through all the dust and got the room together and not a sneeze. Homeopathy does its trick. The next day Tony and Andre decorated Poncho's room and made it really nice. Poncho asked me to explain what it was I gave him. I did and a few days ago I noticed when he got up which was late as he starts work at noon, I would hear him coughing clearing his lungs for a long time. I asked if he wanted to try my Mystic Air a herbal mixture of Rose Root, Coleus and Ginko Root. I do not have a bad throat but sufferers seem to love Mystic Air . I think he has a puffer but didn't seem to use it. Well it is now a week or so and he still is finding it useful on occasion. He is actually the first user of The Pocket Pack my new little purse full of great remedies. He has all the remedies and the pamphlet. He is a new user of Homeopathy and so this is his story. I am overjoyed by it for he takes the Pocket Pack to work. I think it is now in its second week of use. He carries it around in a zip lock bag. I am too tired to write more now for it is 3 am and I have an exciting day tomorrow when the kit contents arrive from Montreal and Peterborough arrive and the printing gets finished and delivered in the afternoon and if all goes well by tomorrow night we will have our first 250 kits filled. Exciting!!!

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