Saturday, December 1, 2007


It is getting to be winter for my windows are beginning to steam up from the humidifier. It is comforting in a way for it means the thing is working and I can be moisturized and not scratching with dry skin. I work on my third floor and I have a nice little window that looks out onto the street. Not much action there but the changing of the weather with each season. Now as there is no heat up here the window has begun to frost over and I am indeed shut off from the throes of winter. I have never been much of a fan of winter when outside but it is lovely to look at and when I do venture out the freshness is exhilarating. I remember as a child how i loved to snuggle my face into my mother's fur coat when she came in from the winter and smelt the fur and felt the cold. I must remember this from a very young age for in my minds eye mother is very tall and I am snuggling beneath her waist. What a pleasant memory. Over my years in film I have been mighty cold at times and once in January on the east coast I did some commercials for a gas company and we were flown in a Sakorski helicopter to an oil rig. The winds were high up to 45 mph and the temperature was - 20 or so. Now that was cold. I remember looking at the little boat that was moored off the side of the platform and at the black sea. So black and uninviting. I was glad when we got our shots and could leave. I felt so vulnerable there.

The mist on my window is melting. The day is warming. I am going out to rake up the last leaves from my front yard and bag them. It is a good day to do it.

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