Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nearly 2008

Soon, soon, we will have a new year. Here in Toronto we genuinely feel mid winterish and the snow white blankets both the countryside and the city. It is an old idea of snow at Christmas like it was when I was a child. I remember forts of snow in my backyard and great snowball fights and jodpers and boots with a knife pocket on the side. Nice warm memories although I recall the thawing out after, in the kitchen being peeled of wet clothes and toweled dry especially my feet that were red with cold.
Maya who I met on Toronto Island on the shoot this summer and who shot my video rap sent me a letter wishing me a good year. She added what follows:
"And on a side note, I've been seeing the Hollywood Survival Kit in circulation on several sets, and I must say it's definitely made my life easier more than once since the island! "

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is for me to hear people are using the kits and finding them a first line of health defense that works. The idea that this is happening in growing numbers is not only proof positive regarding the efficacy of the remedies it means that word is spreading that this technique of healing self is growing outward from my little seed.

2007 has been a great year for me and I hope for everyone else too. It has been difficult too and incredibly challenging and rewarding at every one of my pursuits. Film making, the new Pocket Pack, writing and increasing my energy. Lots of things too that did not manifest. I did not quit smoking, I could not get the first chapter of my on line book completed, and I still lack the office neatness I crave for but cannot seem to manage.

Lots to do in 008
I can hardly wait.

Have a great New Years Eve and a fabulous 2008!!!

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