Monday, December 17, 2007

Social Entrepreneur - what does it mean to me

I was listening to a program on the radio the other day and someone was describing this term. A person who is after gain, often for a non profit company, and in return was bringing something socially beneficial to the market place. I realize I am one of this breed of person. I am, as strongly as I can trying to reach a general public with awareness that can save them their good health and also importantly save them money that at the present is being spent in harmful ways to themselves.

A Social Entrepreneur. Think about it. Yes a profit but also a great gift to the buyer and a flag for others to see and examine and opt into perhaps: a neat and gentle and inexpensive way of dealing with acute every day health situations personally without incurring any side effects in the process.


  1. Interesting concepts/thoughts.

    Just thought I'd say HI. Found your blog via blogrush!


  2. I am so pleased that you found me and over the week end I will read your blog and about you. I hope you go to You Tube and look at my rap Hollywood Survival Kit Rap. We shot it in about 6 hours for a cost of $200 of which 80 went to buy a turkey so we could all sit down to a Thanksgiving meal during our little shoot. I am actually a pretty awesome old guy who has worked with many great actors and on some pretty special feature films for over 40 years and my pursuit of opening America to Homeopathy again is my quest. I am also strong proponent of Bach Flower Remedies and have a vast experiential body of evidence regarding his Rescue Remedy formula which I have used for over 20 years on film sets. It is awesome in its abilities to balance the mind and leads to much calmer attitudes in any stress situations. It has saved many a screaming match on set when errors are made and frustration and anger are the first feelings that arise. I keep it in my water at all times and my assistants will tell me to drink some when they hear me getting testy for I can destroy mountains in miliseconds when I go off. They will repeat the mantra of drink until I do and in a few moments I will calm down and be civil again and positive which is how I am 99% of the time. I have seen it work wonders on people who had never taken it before and now years after the first event would show you their own bottle if you asked was it really that good.