Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Day Thoughts

Yesterday I spent time at a school where I spoke to a few teachers about wellness and my Hollywood Survival Kit pocket pack and it was such a quick hour spent in enjoyment and contact. If any of you have the wish to put together a group of people or work where a group might wish to talk about wellness and my pocket pack I am available.I wish I could go somewhere every day to do that; to talk to people about health and homeopathy and the benefits of taking care of self with love and direction. It is my goal.

How we are led so astray from our simple selves. How we are pushed into greed and shallow pleasures. Where are our Gods and our religions that they no longer guide our leaders and our energy into better places.

In mixing we have lost the fibers that join us into family, tribes and proper community and so we have no lineal connections it seems. As if we were a beautiful swan made of paper stuck together the rain has soaked us leaving nothing but bits of paper floating on a careless sea.

It is so hard being me for I am all things good and bad and willing and willful. I can sense no reason that it is not hard for everyone, each for their own reasons. It is a large keyboard that I seem to play but then we all play a large keyboard and most are just a bit tunnel-visioned and only see a few of the vast array.

Somewhere inside me I wait for there to be a huge purging cry go up from all the people and we will stop and see the beauty about us and the joy hidden behind the wanton desires that stretch so far now into our beings; and that there will be this primal scream and after that we will love each other and know that though thousands of miles away we are all joined as one caring for each other and ourselves in positive ways.

It is no stretch of mind that takes me to the place of being part of all, but this does not mean I can find it at my surface mind in every moment. To love self and other equally, and treat self and others in a nurturing way is mind stuff easily understood as appropriate but not part of personal action, rather sitting as good thoughts only.

We are all so blessed to have the opportunity of communion, thought and change and each who does comes closer to the will of all. Hope is energy that can and will rise to such strength that change will happen.

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