Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the idle world

I often wonder if we are all too busy trying to stay alive to care how we are dying. Or if we are all aware we are dying and will do anything to stay alive. I of course am referring to how badly we treat ourselves generally in what we eat and what we think about. I watch the TV and see all the ads for medicines and cold remedies and sleep remedies and pain remedies and know they must be bought by millions or the ads would not be there. Most of the money goes to bringing in new users. It is a shame that we have a health community that is driven by greed. I long for the day when Governments begin to lead their people and examine the choices that they are offering to their countrymen. Why they encourage us to gamble with lotteries and they stoke the coffers of the pharmaceuticals although it is getting clearer and clearer that many of the drugs not sold even over the counter and many that are prescribed by doctors too are dangerous and have nasty side effects. Isn't it a shame.
Here we have television an opportunity to support proper values and a modest sharing life and most of the time we are being given anything that will distract us from any good purpose at all. I marvel at the rise of the extreme fighters as what millions are now watching. I marvel that we are encouraged to be fans of this sort of violence. We are in an age where cheating is fine and anything is considered fair game to get ahead. To those who get caught it is the throw of the die. And to the many who do not get caught well they consider themselves worthy of not getting caught.
Our values are deplorable and our heroes are without real valor but they do get our adrenalin going and we can cheer and forget about the millions of people who would die for the price of a ticket to a sporting event to spend on food. How we think it is our right to have it all and not live in the honour of the place we really find ourselves. In the olden days we would tithe and share one tenth of what we earned with those not so lucky and our companies and our government worked hard to care for us properly but now our medical system is in shambles and our pensions often used by corporations for other things. Isn't it a shame that will all our progressiveness we have forgotten how to live in real community.

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  1. Amen, that is so beautifully said, and the sports question is one I ask every time I see another game on TV or people shrieking over their team winning all the while trashing others' property.