Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thoughts for a Sunday afternoon

It is so hard to keep balance when so much is happening in life. To keep healthy and fit and alert and kind and thoughtful and caring and leading and following and get enough sleep too and laugh some and see beyond the box you are in and see into the box you are in is not easy for anyone. Busy is a word that defines us all whether we are bees or drones we all seem to find things to occupy our minds and bodies. It is that even at rest we are busy restoring ourselves and just breathing which when you think of it takes millions of tiny movements from molecules of oxygen to the blood carrying it to our different need areas. So we are in fact always in movement and even in death we are physically moved first by people and then by the critters that nosh us up and we become part of new movements of others. So busy we are but what occupies our minds, our waking hours, our conscious busyness. That is always the question we are asking ourselves if we do not have order and direction. Ugh those words must ring in millions of ears in many languages. It is a simple act to carry out - life - at a need to eat to stay alive basis, but it is not so easy for the more complicated quality of the brain that is a continual forest where we must choose a path to go along or make a new one to discover.

And some things are obligations brought on by our circumstances and they must be fit correctly into the stream of things or everything is pushed out of kilter. But circumstances do not care about anything other than themselves and so how do we arrange our lives to do all this. Circumstances may require new directions which may compromise all parts of our lives. This requires openness often and redirections that may totally alter our other purposes in life. Life is as it is and finds you whether you like it or not and you decide what to do.

The circumstance of the car needing an oil change is no different in its obligation idea than the needing to spend time with a loved one that needs your real attention. I see this all the time in my own life and I wonder in retrospect what I chose as the major obligations and what the minor and what I hid from myself and what I realized and how I would perhaps change things had I to do it again. From the distance of age and the meanderings of an old man I think that every moment choices are made and every moment we are challenged and in the end, the statement always holds; that the more you give to the beings about you in the aura you have, and the people that are the closest to you personally, the more you will be satisfied for it is like feeding yourself.
Sometimes it is difficult to know what food is really necessary whether for self or others. So only searching and listening and opening the mind to other ideas and reasoning can a correct decision be made and an action begun. Whether these are self driven through sitting and sorting the priorities out or whether the ideas come from others matters not. Only correct action under the circumstances one finds oneself in matters.

To balance our own physical universe is the continual effort of the inside of the body. This we know. It is the same for everything we are both physical and mental. We are the masters of all we are. We are the creators of our whole world. It seems to follow then that we are the only ones who can change our world.

Recognizing this is one thing, wanting to change something is another thing and the act of changing is what we do if we wish to have things otherwise. Only in action is there physical movement. Many things are needed to get actions ready to happen and the use of personal physical energy is the last thing to need and the first thing needed for change to happen.

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