Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Robert S. McNamara, Architect of a Futile War, Dies at 93


It is sad to read the hindsight of this man who was part of the great failed American strategies of his era. It does show us that directions of even great nations can be so totally wrong and the price paid is ongoing when the damage is irrevocable. The Vietnamese war was just a part of America's follies after the second world war and this article puts some perspective on some of these follies.

I contend that America is leading the world in an even greater folly with its efforts to fight the natural world we find ourselves in by disrupting the balances in both nature and man. In the article it say first and foremost that it is critical to know the enemy. I contend that we think we know ourselves and the world we live in but we are myopic and clutch onto what seems a good idea of how to manage our world: by resistance instead of going with the flow and strengthening both ourselves and how we deal with the problems of cultivation for food. It does not help that the motivators of the thrust to kill our enemies in nature and man are driven by profit as a first motive and good management of our natural and personal human resources second.

Like the great media machine that directed our thinking regarding our enemies and our responses after the second world war we are following this media machine again in our treatment of ourselves and our habitat. Examination by those who are thoughtful about our directions have tried without success to moderate our thinking. The doubters were around in McNamara's time as well and were not listened too for it is hard to be paid attention to when the profit mongers have captured and control the podium of the world; the media.

I strive as best I can to elicit curiosity in every post I make. It is the curiosity to examine what we are as a complete entity and to question how we are treating ourselves in spite of the growing knowledge that the body can manage itself without being invaded by drugs and vaccines. How we have survived this long in time without trying to offset the balance inside our wonderful bodies.

It is interesting to note that most if not all the people who have died due to the current Swine Flu pandemic have all been already compromised with underlying illnesses that have weakened the individual. The Swine flu is the end of the line of weakening the body not the culprit of the prime destruction. Each of us who gets a vaccine will be paying the price of enslaving our systems to a parade of vaccines to 'protect' us when in fact these vaccines are weakening our overall ability to care for ourselves.

I encourage everyone who reads this to examine what we are doing and come to their own conclusions. It is our duty to ourselves.

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