Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On keeping balance

On one of my first flights into Toronto the plane took a long sweeping turn as it got in line for the landing. When the plane leveled off I did not and so thought the plane was not horizontal to the ground. I was in panic for I thought we would crash for sure. I did not know if I should yell to alert the others. I was terrified. But then we hit the tarmac fine and I realized I was sitting off vertical. Later I was to understand that in fact I was suffering from vertigo at that moment. It was an awful moment in my life for I really thought I would die and all the unsuspecting passengers would too.

I feel this way now for I think we are being killed by our meds and the vaccines that are being now forced on the world. I know this is by design and pray it is not a conscious design but just another example of the greed of the pharmaceuticals and the compliance of everyone who can make a decision in their favour whether Government Health departments or physicians and to me the world at large has opted into this as the way to go and no one is screaming "We are all going to die". Am I just not sitting vertical and everything is alright or am I right? It is a great problem for me to try always to deal correctly in the world.

My faith in Homeopathy and the Bach Flower Remedies comes from actual observations of myself and others getting well when using the remedies. It is a reality I can attest to.

My feelings about vaccines and medicines being foisted on us comes more from reading news and doing research on the various medicines. It also comes to some extent from watching You Tube and such programs like Kymatica and Ian R. Crane talking about COdex Alimenarius. Am I the result of hearsay? Is Monsanto an upstanding citizen of the world or a greedy corporation who cares little for anything but the bottom line and how to make more money by controlling people and the market?

When I am told that Genetically Modified grains do not have the same amount of nutrients in them and that soon we are going to have restrictions on supplement dose sizes and that nutrient values will no longer be put on packaging I have to ask myself am I nuts or are we being weakened by what Governments are opting into? Am I off horizontal or what?

If you have a moment think about this and send me a note. I hate being off in my judgments.

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