Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Homeopathy - Healing in the present.

By continually working in present problems presented whether a sprained ankle or a hang over headache or an upset stomach I have learned one valuable thing. If you can deal with the present problem safely then go for it. I can do not harm with Homeopathic remedies as they have no side effects. Homeopathy is a great ally for individuals, families and larger groups of people. It can respond quickly effectively to any size of epidemic. In everyday use it is for Sleeplessness, sprains, depression, overwork, stress; all handled with a few remedies. The 5 remedies in my Pocket Pack can do all those things and much more. Have a look at my site www.hollywoodsurvivalkit.com My pocket pack at $29.95 plus tax and shipping is a fabulous gift at this time of year and will be remembered over and over again thankfully. Have a look. It is pretty special. A great gift.

Have fun watching my two rap videos. Not bad for an old man.

Be well.

Think good thoughts.


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