Sunday, September 19, 2010

A busy life explained.

For the last two months I have been busy preparing a feature film to begin shooting on October 9th. Hello October is a romantic comedy: A young man’s world is turned upside down when a pregnant stranger shows up at his door.

It is a challenge to produce.

I have other challenges too and here are a few poems that tell you about them.

My Armpit Finds Me Doc.

My armpit finds me Doc. Its found me for a month.
What just seemed sore muscles has popped up as a lump
Mushroom head, really quite hard, big as a loony. Yes I’m sure.
It moves about protecting itself way up high when I am standing;
Tucked under the flesh at the edge of my breast when I’m lying.
Its got good places for comfort and ease cares,for itself if you please .
My mind is aware as I am the creator, the prime generator, the progenitor.

My armpit finds me Doc. Lung x-rays clear, ultra sound says its real.
You’ve felt it there, my bloods gone for testing you wait to find out.
The surgeon’s stood by to read the results, soften me to what he thinks best.
My homeopath tested a hundred ideas but right opines it rests just there.
And so I must wait as the story goes on; waiting for the notes of some new song.
Friends hope the best and fear things worse and so do I, the mind is a curse.
But life is life and has its own mind. All things in time and time is not mine.

Doctor Surgeon Save Me Now.

Doctor surgeon save me now before I come to greater harm.
Take the tests; more ultrasound, the needle biopsy too.
You felt the lumps, called for a mammogram and last of all
yes last of all, the Kat scan to see me through and through.

My weight loss lends to make me know something is amiss
Is it infection or is it cancer is what you must decide.
And then its up to me to hear the path you wish to take
And me decide just how to move what vehicle I’ll ride.

Will I say yes if you say go the route of surgery?
Take the chemo, radiation just like most would do.
Or should I go a natural way, right food and actions clear
And know that path is open and it too can be true..

There are no guarantees in life.
No secret ways of knowing.
But I am master of my path.
Of which way I am going.

I Wander The Green Grass.

I wander the green grass just freshly mowed.
I see the piles of clippings waiting to be moved.
Some fields away I hear a tracker doing fall work
The Bluejays squawk; the hummingbirds fight.

I sense the world is right and fall will soon be here
The leaves will turn their awesome gaudy colours
The grass go brown and the wind die down
And then the snows; when all is white.

To hear and see the present is what is in my life
To feel and think of things right now this instant
Not wonder what is past or what is yet to come
For in each moment is the life worth living.

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