Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doctor surgeon save me now before I come to greater harm.
Take the tests; more ultrasound, the needle biopsy too.
You felt the lumps, called for a mammogram and last of all
yes last of all, the Kat scan to see me through and through.

My weight loss lends to make me know something is amiss
Is it infection or is it cancer is what you must decide.
And then its up to me to hear the path you wish to take
And me decide just how to move what vehicle I’ll ride.

Will I say yes if you say go the route of surgery?
Take the chemo, radiation just like most would do.
Or should I go a natural way, right food and actions clear
And know that path is open and it too can be true..

There are no guarantees in life.
No secret ways of knowing.
But I am master of my path.
Of which way I’ll be going.

We mortals grasp at every straw, maybe it is nothing at all,
The Cat scan says my heart is fine so’re my lungs and liver
Just the armpit finds me doc and makes me a strong believer
Except I don’t pray or maybe I do a sinner hoping to save a fall.

Still more tests to go and they will tell me more
so I live on the edge of an apartment ledge
hoping the wind will be just a breeze
and the worst I will have is the occasional sneeze.

I’ll stay off the coffee and drink ginger tea
Alter the foods that go into me
Guard my body with a mind more sane
Think better thoughts and take care of me.

A leaf needs no strength to live through a storm
It is only a matter of relaxing to the blow.
So it is with all things come to pass
It is not what but how we bend gently.

Yes the biopsy is next with the mammogram and the ultrasound.
There is not telling what the seed of the discomfort is,
enough to know it rests isolated in its space
bigger yes, but not invasive to other parts as yet.

The herbalist said that after diagnosis she can tell
how to fit into a healing shell.
So all wait patiently to hear the longish name,
translated into plants to end the game.

Calmness, grace and inner strength

A way of being to enfold the form

As simple as breathing out

Life is what its all about.

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